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What side of the motorbike do i stand to wheel it?

Ive got my motorbike test on thursday and im really nervous. Before I do my u-turn i’ll be asked to wheel the bike round. The thing is i don’t know which side of the bike to stand on to wheel it round. I know this is answers uk but i’ll say it anyway. Im in the uk

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11 Responses to “What side of the motorbike do i stand to wheel it?”

  1. Marty B said :

    on the left
    so your not standing in the middle of the road

  2. SpannerMonkey said :

    You really should know this if you are ready for the test. As above, it’s on the left side leaning the bike to your side slightly and covering the front brake.

  3. Firecracker . said :

    Left side, same as a horse.

    Thanks for saying UK, my display is set for “all English” questions.
    I can’t tell the difference except for spelling and grammar.
    I’m in the States.

  4. Michael S said :

    With bike between you and traffic

  5. desert camel said :

    ….me,ide push it on the path…better safe than sorry..
    Police ”what you riding on the path for?”….me ”cos ive got no road tax!”

  6. Drama Queen said :

    yep the left…good luck for test,ive mine nxt tuesday and im really nervous too
    …..hope u pass.

  7. NIGEL P said :

    you should stand and push on the left ,,thats the side with the side stand on or centre stand kick down you should now that being this close to your test but good luck i was scared sh..less when i took mine so your not on your own … mite see you out there vroom,,vroom

  8. ANDY said :


    Always to the Left to get into habit of getting off towards the pavement and not the road.

    Andy C

  9. bokbaker said :

    To the left, good luck with your test

  10. chunky said :

    stand on the left of the bike, your instructor cant be very good if they havent told you that.

  11. grenmatta said :

    You should always mount and dismount on the left-hand side of the bike, after selecting neutral and switching off the engine. If you feel safer putting the side-stand down before you get off that’s OK. Your instructor should have told you this stuff, if you’re not sure of anything – ask, you’re paying for the instruction.


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