How many of you have a car, but a motorbike as a treat on the side?

A car as a mean of travel, but a motorbike for leisure and a hobby?

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15 Responses to “How many of you have a car, but a motorbike as a treat on the side?”

  1. robert75 said:

    I have a nissan 350z as my main mode of transportation. I usually ride the bike at night, no traffic, no sun 🙂 I also record while I drive (cam mounted on bike).

  2. bsopes said:

    I have no bike, but when I have it during the summer, it’ll be my primary mode of transportation because I just have a passion for bikes. That might be just me but that’s how it is haha. During off-season however though I’ll probably just get a regular car, nothing too fancy until I have the money to get a really nice one.

  3. Philip P said:

    I drive for my work ( or as part of it) so i get to drive a truck /van/car/ motorbike/cycle for work.
    And I get to do the same for pleasure.
    Turning up to work and collecting a set of keys walking outside and looking for the reg is always exciting when it’s a new vehicle. Though when you get to the lot and there is a large lorry parked next to a car derived van and pressing the key fob flashes the lights on the little van some times it just doesn’t cut it 800cc compared to 12 litres… what would you do. Unless it was a ducati M800 Eh! 🙂

  4. Jancie said:

    My main source of transport these days is a pickup truck. But I do have a small heiroom of bikes to choose from when I feel like or have time to ride. I use my bike s primarily in nicer weather and ride as much as I can, but that time is somewhat limited these days with working 2 jobs and workin on the house

  5. Jason M said:

    for me i use motorbikes both as a workhorse for day to day stuff and as a hobby

  6. Bart barthole said:

    Crotch rockets are a life style not just a treat

  7. bruder said:

    All I have is my cage for me,your hobby is my lifestyle.

  8. luckyshane said:

    Biking is what I always do. I do not like summer riders and weekender nob heads.

  9. Bart P said:

    Back state side I have a 2003 VW GTI tat is my daily driver. But since I live in Florida I like to ride the bike at least 3-4 days of commute especially during fall and late winter.

  10. Ride All Year said:

    My bike is my primary transportation; between my wife and I we have one bike and one car. She takes the car (she goes to work 3 hours later than I do) and I take the bike.

    Last winter, I parked the bike for 3 weeks. I don’t ride in snow or on ice, and as I get older I generally draw the line at around 20 degrees; below that and I’m just not comfortable riding anymore.

    Pretty much unless I have to take a bunch of stuff or a bunch of people where I’m going, I go on the bike.

  11. J.M. said:

    Yes, I have a mercedes sprinter van that I converted into a motor-home..And to top off my pleasure I have just bought a Yiying Retro Style scooter.. Black with loads of chrome-work… Its great when we get a nice sunny day.
    But those are few and far between.

  12. kiddy said:

    I have a Benelli tornado just for the thrills and occasional commute and drive it like it was made to be driven, and I drive my car to and from work like an old man as cars just dont do it for me anymore

  13. I know more than you do said:

    I bang around all day in a crappy transit connect van as a service enginner, my wife has a car (2 actually, don’t ask) which are used for shopping and lugging the baby around, I ride my bike for leisure when I get time which isn’t often at the moment.

  14. Firecracker . said:

    I have my motorcycle as my ride.
    I do now have a car, but that’s actually for the rest of the family.
    Being the only one with a license at present makes me the driver. I stick my head out the window.

  15. Mark said:

    I drive a Vectra 1.9cdti 150 16v sri during the day then evenings & weekends I ride my Suzuki GSF1200s Bandit or my Honda CBR900rry Fireblade. The cars silver & both bikes are black. I think you’ll find a lot of people do both. When i was half my age I dreamed of being in this position, now I take it all for granted, funny what the years do to you!


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