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how to ride a motorbike 125 cc licence without L plates?

i passed my driving test for a car in 1988- I am over 35 years old.. what do i need to do to be able to drive a 125cc with passengers and without L plates.on the motorway- i dont have any symblos on the back of my driving licence showing with a motorbike on it. Kindly keep answers specific to my circumstances and i have have zero understanding of powers etc of motorbikes.

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7 Responses to “how to ride a motorbike 125 cc licence without L plates?”

  1. automechtech said:

    Hi I don’t know what state you are in, but in Texas any motor vehicle on the road needs to be licenced and must have a valid state inspection. Also the rider or driver has to have a licence to drive the veh. or ride the motorcycle. If the vehicle or rider are not properly tagged the vehicle will be towed to the police impound and the driver or rider will be ticketed. Hop this helps. Check with the local state troopers. Good luck

  2. Timbo is here said:

    Presume you are in the UK if so –
    1. Your age makes no difference to this at all except that you are over 21
    2. When you passed your driving test makes no difference.
    Not only is this answer specific to your cicumstamces it also applies to everyone over the age of 21 regardless of what other licences they have or do not have.

    What you need to attain is “a light motorcycle licence (A1), which restricts riders to any bike up to 125 cc and a power output of 11 kW. The practical test must be taken on a bike of between 75 cc and 125 cc”

    If you wanted to you could go direct for a full licence for any bike “a standard motorcycle licence (A), is obtained if the practical test is taken on a bike of over 120 cc but not more than 125 cc and capable of at least 100 km/h per hour. After passing the standard motorcycle practical test, you will be restricted for two years to riding a bike of up to 25 kW and a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.16 kW/kg. After this you may ride any size of bike”

    Before going on road at all you need to take a CBT course and pass a theory test before taking the practical test

    Unfortunately the bikes are classed by their power outputs, cc and in one case max speed so you have to know them.

    Most 125s available today are restricted to the 14.6 bhp power limit that learners are restricted to but they can in some cases have that restriction removed.

    As a seasoned biker of 32 years having riden all sizes and shapes of bike i would not go near a motorway unless i really had to on a 125 and definitely not on a 125 with a passenger

  3. Darren R said:

    Pass your full bike test.

  4. eastlondon02 said:

    If you want to ride a motorbike without L plates you have to take your full bike test. either the A test or A1 test… The A test will allow to ride any bike and power.. or you got the option of doing the restricted test which will only allow you to ride a bike with a out put of 33bhp..Or the A1 test which is taken on a moped or scooter.. once you pass that you can only ride a 125 moped or scooter without L plates… I recommend taking the A test

  5. ANDY said:


    To answer logically
    When you passed your test makes no difference as the only group it would effect would be group P Moped and you want group A1 Light Motor Bike.

    The Photo part of the licence only lists the Full groups you hold
    Check the Paper part of your photo Drivers licence, Should have Group A1 valid until your licence expires (At 70?).
    If you do not have Group A1 you will need to get that added to your licence.

    Next you will need to take a Motor Bike Based Theory Test.
    You will get a Pass certificate and need that to book your Compulsory Basic Training course.

    When you pass that you will get a Pass certificate valid for 2 years from the date you passed the CBT. You can now ride on the public highway on L Plates, No Motor ways or Pillions.
    You must pass the driving test before the CBT expires or you are off the road until you pass another.

    When you pass the driving test you can then Carry a pillion and Drive on motorways. And After 2 years you will automatically get the Full group A added to your licence, Any cc no BHP restrictions.

    Hope this answers your questions

    Andy C

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