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Can anyone give me a tip on motorbike test?

I am about to do my motorbike test soon i am just wondering can anyone give me any tips for the test?
Full motorbike test

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11 Responses to “Can anyone give me a tip on motorbike test?”

  1. skindiana said:

    stay calm and remeber what u were taught and ul breeze it and dont crash lol

  2. mattyspurs76 said:

    full test or CBT????

  3. holiday1 said:

    I presume you mean ‘part two’ of the test…It’s easy, Remember that the examiner is looking for a PASS he then won’t have to fill out a DL 24 fail sheet. Rid as you normally would and just forget he’s there (If you can) he’ll know you are nervous and probably not at your best. Of course he’ll have to see you comply with the law (speed limits etc) but he’ll be looking for smooth riding, correct positioning, rear observation when turning into and out of junctions and roundabouts etc. The test’ll last about 35 mins and nothing should be too difficult. remember you may steady yourself on the ‘U’ turn by putting a foot down, but you must not lose control. Use both brakes when stopping and apply the front brake before the rear when stopping. You will be expected to filter through stationary traffic (with safety) but not causing problems to other drivers. Don’t rush and ride as though yu were on your own.

  4. mick49a said:

    Think about your road positioning and read the road ahead, use your rear observations and signals properly. Show the examiner that you are a confident defencive rider who is in control of your machine and ready to take the necessary action to avoid other road users stupid manoeuvres. The examiner is looking a good safe in control ride. Good luck.

  5. Queenie said:

    Make sure you move your head so the instructor can tell that you are checking your mirrors. My instructor was very concerned with this. Don’t forget to stay in your correct lane position. Always stay below the speed limit and watch for school areas where it can change quickly.

  6. a929pilot said:

    Practice your low speed turnaround and in MD theres a short narrow box that is timed and is pretty hard to do.You have to stay in the box for like 15 seconds and its only like 10-12 feet long and 1 foot wide,you cant go outside the lines or put a foot down .I suggest you go watch someone else take it.Also be prepared for some possible trickery as when I took mine the slow turn around area had a quarter inch layer of sand and I dropped my bike.I failed because of that but the MVA did pay for the damages to the bike since there wasnt suppose to be any sand and it made for a dangerous situation and the instructor was suspended for putting it there.He said thats a real life situation and I said in real life I wouldnt have turned around in a sand box.Practice your up and down shifting as they will be looking to see if you are in the right gear at all times durring acceleration and deceleration.Keep your shield down at all time unless they are giving you instructions.Practice low speed weaving in and out of cones that have short spacing .Good Luck bro

  7. pk said:

    practice with the bike ur gonna use

  8. saint said:

    Putting your foot down during the ‘turn in the road’ is an instant failure, but ride normally, relax during the test and you’ll be fine, don’t forget life savers and remember you will have different situations to cope with including stop signs (make sure you put your foot down to show you have stopped, and unmarked crossroads(make sure you brake to slow down so the tester can see the brake light come on). I would advise against filtering through traffic as this can lead to a failure as well (inappropriate use of road space). Other than that just listen to the instructions, and watch for road signs and have fun, that’s what it’s all about. Let us know how you get on.

  9. Chris G said:

    both wheels on the ground at all times

    more weight on footpegs = better balance: no need to stand up but focus on not sitting too heavily

    pull the clutch to maintain smoothness on tight turns

    keep looking forward or to the point you want to turn to

    four fingers on levers

  10. Andrew13 said:

    ride for yourself useing the correct observations and move your head wen looking im mirrors remember that life saver before you turn right.
    use the comand position which is the centre of your lane.when you stop only put your left foot down and cover the back brake ( the safe n ready position.)
    most people panic on the emergency stop have a practice arround the corner when he tells you to go arround the square ( if he is out of sight )
    the u turn… dont put your foot down.. do the second version dont go straight into it. he whould of got you 1st to push the bike arround to measure the lock on your bike the thing is you are now perhaps 18 inch away from the curb so do mirrors shoulder check move of gain controll and move 1st slightly to left to gain full width of road then do 2nd shoulder check and go into turn use back brake hard and clutch and gentle set throtle..

    remember the o s m p s l
    obsevation ,signal, manouvre ( which consits of ) position speed , look.
    make progress and get up to speed of the road you are on
    do mirror checks every 6/7 secs at same time glance at controls check speed and indicator lights not been left on.
    revise the 12 questions he may ask you he may ask you 3 of them like how will a passenger effect you etc,
    observe all road sighns and take necessary action

    or you will fail because you will convince yourself n panic on the day
    all you got to do is remember what your instructor as told you and put it into practise for the 30/35 min road ride.

    i wish you the best of rides for your test day HEY YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!

  11. Myrtie Armlin said:

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