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How fast can you tow a motorbike trailer safely?

Take your average single motorbike trailer loaded with an average bike on the back of a bmw 3 series, is it safe to travel at 70 mph on the motorway?

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12 Responses to “How fast can you tow a motorbike trailer safely?”

  1. TSCouriers said :

    No and it is illegal to exceed 55mph with trailer and you cannot use the outermost lane (sometimes called the fast lane.
    bike trailers are inherently unstable and top heavy and break into a weave easier than caravans.

  2. ma8xz said :

    I regularly tow a bike trailer at 120km / hour. So, if the trailer is in good nick, and the bike safely and securely loaded, yup, 70mph is ok.

  3. Neran said :

    The actual speed limit on a motorway is 50 mph. It is safe to pull at 70 but don’t get caught.

  4. JM33 said :

    No! its not safe. Also you cannot use the Third Lane to Overtake Limiting your Speed to the Slower Lanes.

  5. brilock1 said :

    the legal towing limit would be 60mph. Some trailers don’t even want to go that fast, it depends on the quality of the trailers suspension and correct loading of the bike.

  6. sinead said :

    50 m.p.h is the usual limit for trailers

    (A bit slow for a Bmer)

  7. taxed till i die, said :

    50mph is the law over that and you risk your license.

  8. Mr Blue said :

    Buy a van.

  9. Jon S said :

    If you are in the UK, the limit is 60 mph on motorways, and 50 mph elsewhere, except where other limits apply.

    Obviously you’ll hardly notice the trailer is there, but remember trailer suspension and damping is very basic. Might not be too stable at higher speeds.

  10. desert camel said :

    by law no faster than 60mph,motorways stay out of the fast lane as its a £60 and 3 points….duel carageway limit is 50mph….
    i built a stable trailer that i took up to 120mph with a bike on,,steady as feck,wide low profile tyres…and thats how i know about the fine and points,silly me.

  11. Twisted_Ace said :

    What you’re actually saying is, “Is it safe to break the law?”

    Well, not really, no…

  12. poule XXX said :

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