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What is a good starter motorbike for Ireland?

I live in Ireland and I’m sick of my car so I’m getting a bike, what bikes are reccomended for first time riders? Keep in mind insurance and cost of the bike, im on the dole and broke. I’m 20 years old and I dont have my motorbike license yet.

Any help appreciated.

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3 Responses to “What is a good starter motorbike for Ireland?”

  1. bärsm said :

    Honda Rebel would be a good starter bike. Probably not flashy enough for you though!

    Have a look in the buy and sell. I defiantly wouldn’t go with anything more powerful than a 125 for your first bike, you’ll kill yourself.

  2. Scott said :

    if your going to do direct access course that will let you ride bigger bikes. i would suggest something like what you will probably sit your test on, a honda CB500 or a suzuki GS500, there good commuters easy to handle, good fuel consumption, and they’re not going to throw you off if you open them up a bit. i will say though i would only recommend doing the direct access if you have some background in riding whether it was trials when you were a kid or motor x. you would be better of with any 125cc otherwise and ride that around for a year or so safer and you’ll probably enjoy it too. i dont think your limited by cc these days i think your limited by BHP and its somewhere around 33 BHP your allowed. either way good luck and if you pass your test just remember all cars are trying to kill you! and they can very easily, ride as if you were invisible because ‘sorry i didnt see you mate’ wont make you feel better when your lying in a heap on the tar.

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