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How do you learn to ride a motorbike in the UK?

I’m 26 and have held a full UK driving licence since 2001. How do you go about learning to ride a motorbike and what size bike can you have on what licence?

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4 Responses to “How do you learn to ride a motorbike in the UK?”

  1. Jeremy R said :

    Because of your age, you will be able to get on what is commonly known as a ‘Direct access’ course. This is normally a 5 day course that will entail a CBT, training on a 500cc motorcycle and will finish with a test; which if passed will ensure you can ride any size bike. If you go with a standard course, you will be restricted to around 26 KWH (normally around 250cc) for a period of 2 years. It is possible to have a larger cc bike restricted but this is also quiet expensive.
    Be aware that these courses are not cheap (around £500) but some offer a guarenteed pass (meaning you can have as many tests as necessary) but this could take you a bit longer to pass, depending on your performance.

  2. grenmatta said :

    Your first step is to undertake CBT. This validates your provisional licence and allows you to ride a bike up to 125cc / 14.6 bhp for two years, carrying L plates. If you don’t want a bigger bike and don’t intend to carry passengers / tow a trailer then it is legal just to retake CBT every two years.
    Your next step is to take the motorcycle theory test, this is also valid for two years and must be passed before you can take the practical test.
    There are two types of practical test; A2, taken on a bike between 120cc and 125cc, leads to a full licence but you are restricted to a bike with a power output not exceeding 33 bhp for the first 2 years, and DAS (Direct Access Scheme) in which you take your test on a bike with a power output of at least 36bhp leading to a full un-restricted licence. The test is the same whichever bike you decide to use.

    CBT costs £90 – £125. The A2 course is usually shorter and therefore cheaper, £300-400 against £400-£500, depending on your area.

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