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When taking a motorbike CBT how many times can I fail the U-turn?

When taking a motorbike CBT how many times can I fail the U-turn?
Sorry, CBT so I can ride a 50cc. Hope this helps.

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7 Responses to “When taking a motorbike CBT how many times can I fail the U-turn?”

  1. russetbabe said:

    Are you talking about the CBT or the full test? Am pretty sure there is no u-turn in the CBT. I never did one anyway, it’s not really a pass/fail thing.

  2. desert camel said:

    u dont…u just do it till the instructor feels your compitant…ps ive neve known anyone fail there cbt….

  3. Tinker said:

    As many times as you please, i’m sure.

  4. stile_usm said:

    I never did a u-turn on a CBT and remember its training not a test, you will be shown how to ride the bike not tested on what you know.

  5. Jack's Back! said:

    You can do it as many times as you like. You can’t fail your CBT, it’s not a test.

    The CBT is there to teach you, not test you.

    Just relax and enjoy 😉

  6. Spike H said:

    the u turn is a relatively easy manoeuvre when you know how, l was told focus well in front of you about 15 feet should do it, focus about 15 feet in front of you it works every time

  7. cassiterid said:

    The U turn was part of the CBT i did last year, my instructor would stand behind and several yards away from me, then as i began to turn he would shout, “look at me, look at me”, so i would have to turn my head to look at him and not at the front of the bike, this makes it much easier to turn as you are looking at where you want to be going, also drop your shoulders and keep your elbows bent, this helps to turn the bike as well.

    Contrary to belief – you can fail the CBT, if the instructor feels you are not safe to be on the road he won’t take you out, you will then have to go back and do it again.


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