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How would you get a small hatchback car out of this situation?

You are in a small car park and whilst trying to leave it you reverse the car onto the side of a flat bridge.

The front right wheel is hanging over the edge and the car’s underside is resting on the side of the bridge (all three other wheels are on solid ground) The car is at such an angle that you would not be able to drive it forward (back the way it came) in order to get the front wheel back on ground because the back tyre would go over the edge.

You have successfully contacted a council worker who is going to open an emergency gate so that a rescue service’s lifter vehicle can enter the car park, but when it arrives you realize the car park is too small for the lifter vehicle to get to your car.

How do you get the car out without lifting it and without it going over the bridge?

A hint is that it involves a 4×4 with a winch.
UPDATE: a lot of people came close, and I will decide the best answer soon.

ANSWER: yes, you do use the 4×4 with the winch BUT the secret is to turn the wheel so that the wheel is perpendicular to the bridge, then put steering lock on. WHO WOULDA THUNK IT?!!?!?!?! (not carl, thats for sure)

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13 Responses to “How would you get a small hatchback car out of this situation?”

  1. paul h said :

    Winch it off with a 4 x4 truck? Yay–10 points…

  2. Bleh said :

    do it old school hook a winch to a big tree 🙂

  3. coxon the box said :

    Never mind about getting your car out of bother – I’d go and get my camcorder and film it. That’s worth £250 on “You’ve Been Framed” ! ! !

  4. badassbiker1974 said :

    Why go to all the expense of getting a winch, etc etc,, ain’t you got any mates?

    Get a group of lads together, and just plain lift the darn thing and swing it back into place.

    Its only a small hatchback!

  5. born west coast said :

    shoot yourself in the head, you failed the dumb*ss test.

  6. Damio said :

    if i was stupid enough to do it id keep driving over and hope i die so i don’t have to put up with the embarrassment

  7. C A T said :

    i would leave it there and walk home.

  8. japhre said :

    well user alexmacleod9 i don’t know you but you sure sound like a swell guy who managed to get himself into a little pickle *friendly chortle*

    In this situation it is vital to get in contact with “Gradium Arcadium” next to a lake waiting on a guy by the name of “Carl” if possible. sure, this may seem like the “towlie” way out this, but it will make the situation manageable and funnier.
    NOTE: if asked to shunt the motor by gypsies, decline.

    Next you want to meet this carl fella, check out he’s legit and so forth.
    Carl should be acompanied by a more professional under-rated employee, his name most likely will not be obtainable.

    Carls chum will totally take care of the problem and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

    WARNING: it has been known for forgery to occur in these situations, avoid handing credit card details over to people who claim to be doing something, but leave it all to the hard-working council.

    BEST QUOTE : “Ooooh, hes gone in” – Waterways employee/stoner

  9. Steve C said :

    You need my mate Aus from the Dagda (
    Amongst other things he organises people to move/lift errect large stone circles (about 10tonne stones) using man-power/A-frames alone. Sure he’d figure it out in 5 minutes.

    I can’t clearly visualise what the relationship between the car/bridge/solid ground/drop is. A drawing/pic would be really useful.

    If pulled at an angle from the back it will rotate around the stuck wheel. This could be used to alter the angle between car and drop This get the back wheel away from the edge allowing the car to be moved forward/back without (much) risk of wheel falling over the edge.

    Front of car still needs to rise. If the car can be rotated enough, a scafolding board/plank and a brick could be used to lever the car up. (Might need weight on the back of the car to prevent it rising). Slip a jack in, and then support the dangling wheel with the plank..

    Car shoudn’t be that heavy as it ‘s a small hatchback. IF they can get in to lift it, 6-8 hefty people should be able to lift/move it to get the wheel back on solid ground.

  10. Steph K said :

    Get a friend who has a vehicle such as a Land Rover with winch and cable to connect to the car and pull it out gently.

  11. Cool Dude said :

    i saw this on the tele you use loads of ballons

  12. witheringtonkeith said :

    you have answerd your own question havent you?

  13. jason c said :

    Tie a tow rope to the back of the car and pull it off with either a winch or with the other vehicle.


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