Whats the latest I can play loud music on my motorbike till?

I have a speaker fastend to my bike which allows me to play loud music. I only play my loud music when I’m out and not in built up pedestrian areas. Whats the latest at night I can play it till, also can I get into trouble by the police for playing loud music on a motorbike. I am from the UK.

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4 Responses to “Whats the latest I can play loud music on my motorbike till?”

  1. Layla said:

    I like you.

  2. ryan said:

    11.00 pm is the cut off time and no you cant get into trouble but if people complain then the police can only ask you to turn it down to be polite and reasonable … i would hide and when you pass ..throw a brick at you

  3. doktor smudge said:

    Residential areas. 11.00pm.
    In the country, loud as you like.
    In a field, as loud as the resident Bull will allow it.
    Anywhere near me “Silent” or I will borrow the aforementioned brick.

  4. Emily said:

    Gah, yum, lucky you. What sort of motorbike? 😉

    And 11pm at the latest.


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