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How to get a v5 for a motorbike?

I am interested in buying a motorbike but there is no V5 present on the bike. I wanted to know how i can get a new V5 for it and how much this would cost. In addition, where would i get this done, DVLA? I need the v5 because i cant use the bike on the road without it.

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3 Responses to “How to get a v5 for a motorbike?”

  1. MickeyT said :

    If you mean that the V5 has been lost then you just need a form V62 which you can get at any main post office, it used to cost £25 but may have gone up. (it always used to be free – not these days)

    If you mean that the bike has never been registered and has no registration number then you need to write to/phone the DVLA and request the form V55/5 which is the form to apply to register a used vehicle that has never been previously registered. You’ll need to obtain proof of the bike’s age. You’ll be allocated a vehicle registration number which might be a ‘Q’ plate. I had to do this to register an ex-military truck. I think that if it’s new then you may need a form V55/1 – you’d have to call them to check since there’s a few versions of this form.

  2. Twisted_Ace said :

    Let me get this right…

    You are thinking of buying a bike from someone, who cannot prove they are the registered keeper?

    That’s what buying a bike without a V5 means. How do you know the bike isn’t stolen, since there is no V5 to prove otherwise?

  3. ghost said :

    iv just bought a 125cc gy motorcycle and its not registered how much will it cost me to have it regitered and to get the reg plate on he back


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