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Can you repair windows on car peppered from a power washer that had sand in it?

My son ran his car through his work carwash and it had sand or something in it. Now his car and the glass are peppered with tiny little pits. No, suing them is not an option. Is there something you can do for the glass. Lights from other cars catch in them and the glare in the car from the windshield is bad.

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3 Responses to “Can you repair windows on car peppered from a power washer that had sand in it?”

  1. glowplug1980 said :

    Yeh an auto glass place should be able to repair it for a reasonable rate.

  2. GSD PAL said :

    Your insurance company will cover the cost of replacing your windshield now that it has become a liability/safety issue usually with no deductible.

  3. theglassman said :

    Unfortunately you can not remove or repair tiny little pits. If its a stone chip, then its repairable. I know it sucks driving with many pits on the windshield, especially when the sun hits hit, but the only option you have right now is to replace the whole glass. If you have a stone chip then you should repair it right away.

    To tell the difference between a stone chip and a pit:

    Every windshield has three layers. You have the glass that faces you when your siting in the car. And you have the outside glass that faces you when your outside the car. Both of these glass sandwiches a vinyl called PVB (poly vinyl butry). In other words it’s strong lamination. This lamination holds the glass in place, when impact occurs. To identify a stone chip you must look carefully at the chip, If you see black shade around the chip, that means it went thur and there is air trap inside, Otherwise if you have just Pitts, then you must replace the whole glass… Good luck


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