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How does car parts work together to move the car?

Please help me, I want to know how cars work. I understand the engine, but just not the parts that are attacted to the engines to make it work and therefore move the car.

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3 Responses to “How does car parts work together to move the car?”

  1. xxinlikeflynnxx said : before I went to school for cars this is how I taught myself.

  2. Bill M said :
  3. Leonard A said :

    turn the key on …….battery sends juice to the starter that cranks the engine……spark plugs fire the gas that if sent by the fuel pump to the engine and sprayed into the engine by means of the fuel injectors……now the engine is running.

    the engine is attached to the transmission and the crankshaft spins the shaft going to the rear wheels (on a rear wheel drive vehicle like a truck)…..the rear axle has gears in it that are at a right angle to each other so the front of the axle spinning causes the side axle shafts to spin.
    now you are moving.

    that close to the answer you are looking for ?


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