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I recently spent $1000 on my car repair, is it okay to make a deal with my mechanic for other work?

Is it proper to ask for a deal? I spent $1000 for repairs. I would like to get Flowmaster Dual Exhausts installed on my car. Has anyone ever tried to get a deal going by saying that you were a return customer and were happy with the work they do and gotten a good deal?
If you are a mechanic, would you be cool with it?

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3 Responses to “I recently spent $1000 on my car repair, is it okay to make a deal with my mechanic for other work?”

  1. U_JS_LOST said :

    Cant hurt to try. I am a mechanic and ppl do it all the time.

  2. 77Impala said :

    I am a mechanic and there are some work that I won’t do and I have talked to the shops and made deals.

    I also will work with my customers. Sometimes I even do something extra for them at no charge.

    Now overall that deal depends on what you want done, you must remember that he is trying to make an honest days wage too. If you are reasonable and not trying to get the work done for free your mechanic may be willing to work with you.

    In today’s economic situation it does not hurt to try to make a deal but do understand if the mechanic does not feel that deal will work for him.

  3. targa.racer said :

    First, $1000 in a performance shop is like going to an autoparts store and buying a set of rotors then coming back the next time and asking for a discount because you bought a set of rotors previously, so I would not try to use the dollar value as motivation, but any business person with good sense will take care of their return customers and knows that return customers, also have, friends, family, co-workers etc.

    Ask for a deal, but do not demand it and I think you will have positive results.

    Performance shop owers have pride and egos too and you do not want to put them in a position of defense when you want something from them … i know first hand 🙂


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