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What brand and model car would be the cheapest new car of 2008?

I am looking for something that is brand new, that will run awhile, with not a bunch of problems. The car doesn’t have to have power everying, or all the new electornics most new cars have today. I just want something that I can aford without going into debt over. I would only like a 3 year loan or lease.

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7 Responses to “What brand and model car would be the cheapest new car of 2008?”

  1. Brittany said :

    I would go with a honda civic lx, It does have power windows door locks and ac but is a lot cheaper than most vehicles out there, Plus it will last forever if you drive it right and take care of it. Good luck with your search.

  2. UCANTCME said :

    2008 Chevrolet Aveo.

    Special Financing 36 Months 4.9%

  3. cbondhonda said :

    Deffinately go for a Civic or Fit….

    There are Lease Specials on Civics right now…so that would help you with the 3 Year term as well as keep your payment as low as possible….

    On top of the Fact the only thing you will have to do to it is put gas in it and drive it.


  4. bigtendude said :


  5. lucas l said :

    kia 8,000

  6. Ian M said :

    go with a kia reo or a toyota yaris

  7. Maria said :

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