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How do you repair a crack in your car’s windshield/rain shield?

SCENARIO: When Nikki was parking her car in the parking lot, she noticed there was a crack in her windshield on her Volvo. She wants to replace the windshield, but she doesn’t know how? Should she let the car repair pros do the job or replace it herself?
A lot of you are thinking about me more than the scenario on top, think of the scenario on top than me because it’s about Nikki, not about me.

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6 Responses to “How do you repair a crack in your car’s windshield/rain shield?”

  1. Abcd Efgh said :

    just replace it and put a new 1…easy.

  2. Hello said :

    id definitely let a pro do it,actually contact your insurance and tell that when the rocks flew off the truck nikki hit them and it cracked the windshield a nikkis insurance should pay for it

  3. mr.dfleming57 said :

    windsheild are replaced if the crack is more than a couple of inches. I live in sacramento, California, ( i dont know where you are from, but it sounds far away ). We have lil pick up trucks with windsheilds on them and they do on location replacement for about 125 bucks.
    these guys work out of warehouses, but it’s all they do !
    i would let a pro do it. The really do have special tools for that. trade tools. that get the job done right, the first time. I wouldnt ever want a missing windsheild

  4. Walt said :

    Same scenario. Does ” Nikki ” have the tools and skills to remove a windshield ? And did not ” Nikki ” not see the crack when they were driving? ” Nikki ” probably has no idea where to buy a Volvo windshield or what`s involved to replace it, and if improperly installed , not only may it leak, it will also affect the integrity of the vehicle as the windshield is part of the super structure. maybe ” Nikki ” should just take it to a pro . Most times the insurance will cover some of the cost

  5. Michael said :

    The repair people are saying that if the crack can be covered by a dollar bill the windshield can be repaired. Everybody uses the Novus system, which evacuates the crack and fills it with resin, then cures it with UV light. It takes about an hour and most windshield repair places will go wherever the car is parked and do the repair. The repair is virtually invisible (you can see it if you know where to look and look hard) and is generally guaranteed not to crack again for the life of the windshield. Here in Arizona, the Land of Rocks, we use the service a lot.

    If the crack is larger than that the windshield has to be replaced. Definitely a job for a pro, it costs around $300 for most windshields. I have used Safelite, which offers prices and appointments on the web, and goes where the car is to do the work. Other companies may be as good or better, so feel free to shop around.

  6. D said :

    Unless Nikki has the special tools that a glass installer has, and experience handling and moving large fragile glass pieces, I would suggest Nikki let a shop do it.


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