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What is the new car that has the speedometer shown up on the windshield?

I recently saw a commercial for a car that has the speedometer shown up on the windshield? Or something along those lines. Anyone know what car is it is or how to get it on a normal car?

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7 Responses to “What is the new car that has the speedometer shown up on the windshield?”

  1. Jordan C said :

    It is called a HUD….or heads up display. It has been available on the Pontiac Grand Prix and the Chevrolet Corvette for a while. I think Cadillac has a few models with it as well.

  2. oompal said :

    BMW 5 Series has a HUD (heads up display) on the windscreen showing speed and stuff also has night vision FLIR (forward looking Infra Red ), hope thats what your looking for 😉 link below

  3. mikeysim18 said :

    theres many cars with this. corvette, bmw, some lexus and mercedes have this. its called a hud or head up display.

  4. JORDAN said :

    The display on the windshield is called a Heads Up Display. They have been around over 20 years. they were first available in GM vehicles. Today you can find them in some Pontiacs, Cadilacs, and the GMC acadia. They are options though so all of them dont have it. The corvette also has the option. Some BMWs also have the option. 5 and 6 series BMWs only. If you want it in a car that doesnt come stock with it, There are some cheap kits on ebay, just put in “heads up display”

  5. C7S said :

    The 2006-2009 Chevy Corvette has it.
    Many other cars have it.
    Usually only expensive cars.

  6. Murcie_LP640 said :

    There’s plenty of them. Even the late 90’s Nissan Bluebird/Altima had it.

  7. Jay P said :

    That’s old technology. GM had it in a couple of their vehicles as an option in the early 90’s.

    As mentioned above, it’s called HUD ( Head’s Up Display )


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