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Does a car repair shop have to get authorization to perform additional repairs in CO?

I took my 17 year old car to get repair work done and the final bill was $286.10 more than the estimate. This was about a 25% jump. Of course you are always going to find something else to fix on a car that old. Most shops I take it to get authorization B4 performaing additional tasks. If this happens to be a law in Colorado, will you please point me in the direction to find in the law books.

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4 Responses to “Does a car repair shop have to get authorization to perform additional repairs in CO?”

  1. Robert C said :

    It would be amazing to have a law like that. 25% jump is reasonable.

    When the price jumps up 75% is where they get concerned.

    Understand the “legal” terms. An “estimate” is an estimated cost.

    A “Quote” is what it will cost you. If they gave you a ‘quote’ and went over, then you have legal grounds.

    In either event, they have the right to remove the parts they installed, and many do now days, if there is a dispute.

  2. davecat350 said :

    They should tell you just read in the work contract and see if they tell you they can charge more if it is not in writeing i would look into it….All shops should tell you before the do any aditional work

  3. noitall said :

    estimates are just that. they should have called you to OK any work above and beyond what was originally authorized. if you want to learn something from this experience, why don’t you just go over the itemized bill and see if everything related to the repair you originally authorized. then read the fine print on the printed estimate they gave you. it’s not that much money, and your car is fixed, right?

  4. bobweb said :

    Here’s an example of the law in Montgomery County, Maryland:

    “17. Does an auto repair shop have to give me a written estimate? What happens if the final bill exceeds the estimate?

    Under County law, you are entitled to a written estimate if you ask for one and the repairs will cost more than $25. The repair shop must have a sign posted that advises you of this right. The shop is allowed to charge you for the time spent preparing a written estimate. The final repair bill may not exceed a written or oral estimate by more than 10% without your prior authorization. However, oral estimates are often hard to prove. “


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