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Is Obama the sleazy car repair guy who tries to convince you that you really DO need all this extra “work”?

And don’t those sleazeballs usually target women and teenagers, due to their lack of knowledge on car repairs?
Does that sound like Obama, trying to trick the uneducated that they NEED it and their “car” will be in a crisis without it?

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20 Responses to “Is Obama the sleazy car repair guy who tries to convince you that you really DO need all this extra “work”?”

  1. Jimmbbo said :

    You betcha!

    Dressed in greasy overalls, ol’ barry ambles out of the garage, cigarette hanging from his lips, wiping his hands on a shop rag and says “Well, ma’am, your disgrontifier is broken.. gonna cost you $950 trillion to get it fixed”…. He demands $1.5 trillion up front, then he “fixes” the nonexistent disgrontifier and hands you a bill for another $2 TRILLION….


    Nah, i think you have him confused with hannity and beck. Anyone else think the two of them look like sleezy car salesmen or game show hosts???

  3. Hippie Jesus Christ said :

    No he is the president of the USA, and My Father (GOD) chose him to save you all!!!!

  4. pearlmar said :

    Yeah, sure.

  5. Wake Up and Stand Up said :


  6. Shovel Ready said :

    He is the guy who nicks your break line so you will gradually lose fluid and have to come back for another repair – unless you die when your brakes fail.

  7. ME said :

    Yes, and you have to pay the bill before you can see the repair list.

  8. fark said :

    He’s the guy who’s telling you if Toyota doesn’t recall the Prius and fix the problems, more people are going to die.

    You’re the one who believes in Toyota Corporation and thinks everything is fine the way things are. Surely Toyota has the best interest of the consumer as a number one priority. Nothing needs to be fixed.

  9. Melissa said :

    No. Gosh, these posts on this site just get more frazzled and emotional with each passing day.

    I’m beginning to worry about you guys. High blood pressure is a real killer you know.

    But as long as we’re tossing around the word, “sleazeball” you know I just have to remind you of how sleazy it was for George W. Bush to try to scare the bejeezus out of poor weak-kneed Americans (such as yourself, for example) — with all the “terrorist scares” and color alerts. That was so mean. I’ll just bet he was in the Oval Office just slapping his knees and guffawing.

    Total sleazoid.

  10. Westhill said :

    No, he is the president of the United States. Though I did not like the things Bush did, beginning with the Iraq war, and would never have referred to him as a “sleazeball” who targeted women and teenagers. You “conservatives” are way out of line.

  11. R8derMike said :

    The answer is no.
    The sleazy ones would be Beck (not the musician), Hannity, Limpbaugh, levin, et al.

  12. I'm back in the USSA said :

    Yes, and after you drive home you notice a few ‘kinks’ that just popped up out of nowhere. Which he’ll fix for a ‘fee’ of course.

  13. Old School ♥ ♦ MC ♣ ♠ said :

    No you are the guy broken down on the side of the road because you didn’t maintain your car!!!!!

  14. Will said :

    Are the uneducated ones that you refer to the core base of Republican voters? Sounds like it

  15. mommanuke said :

    No, it’s all those sleazy 45,000 people a year who die from lack of health care that are doing it. He tells you you need a valve job but you insist that you know better and refuse. So don’t be surprised when you throw a rod a couple of miles down the road.

  16. Liz said :

    Yes, he will do anything to get his agenda.

  17. Sey Whut? said :

    Are you going to trust your mechanic – the guy that wants to keep you as a customer? Repeat customers are the bread and butter of his livelihood. Or do you just ignore all those recall notices for your car that the government FORCES the manufacturers to issue?

    According to you right-wing-nutters, we should trust the car (oil / energy / etc.) corporations to take care of us… that they have our best interests at heart, really they do. It’s not about their profits… it’s not about their reputations… it’s about taking care of the motoring public because “they care.” RIGHT!

    “Toyota: what a feeling.” “Toyota: I love what you do for me…”

  18. Yeah, Butt said :

    More like the car sales guy who tries to convince you to get the extended warranty. He doesn’t look like the kinds that’s good with tools.

  19. Soylent Obama said :

    Yes – and also the one who steals the car out of your driveway in the middle of the night.

  20. ~ђคlliﻉ~♫ ♥ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ♥☆εїз said :

    No. He has more degrees than you will ever have. The uneducated are the ones that are poor and vote against their financial interest. Neocons. 文


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