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How do we stop a crow from attacking cars in the car park?

A crow is attacking the windscreen wipers of cars in our car parks. It is a new building and it obviously nests next door to the car park. It sits on the bonnet and pulls at the windscreen wipers until they come off? Any safe, easy and generally acceptable measures for stopping this character? We would like to avoid anything that is going to lead to its demise!

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9 Responses to “How do we stop a crow from attacking cars in the car park?”

  1. keithmanley2000 said :

    shoot the fucker

  2. wyoairbus said :

    a scarecrow!

  3. Andr said :

    Make a trojan crow.

  4. coogle said :

    this true expert advice
    appartently the crows smell something in the rubber which means “food” to them
    and you are advised to wrap socks around the wipers
    ie over them and covering them
    i heard it on the radio
    worth a try?

  5. grinner5000 said :

    Use the old farming technique – no not a scarecrow! Hang a few dead crows about the car park and your nuisence bird will soon get the message.

    Not sure of an ethical way of obtaining a few dead crows though, maybe that should be your next question.

  6. lisa l said :

    I think that the crow is defending a nest. Does where this happens have a crows nest?

  7. vaa_nui said :

    I’m partial to a 20 gauge Winchester pump

  8. geana said :

    The crow can see its reflection in the windscreen and the paint work and thinks its another bird cover the windscreen and the wipers when you park there

  9. Andrew W said :

    Buy a cat.


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