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How do cars get in unusual position during a car accident?

How do cars end up getting stuck in the power cables? (car is vertical) or how do cars end up on roofs of house and get on top of each other?

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4 Responses to “How do cars get in unusual position during a car accident?”

  1. fire4511 said :

    Usually the car is traveling at an excessive speed, and when it hits something, it is launched in the air, and lands is a strange position.

  2. The One Who May Care said :

    it depends on many factors the cars velocity , the shape of the car, the shape of the road ” any ups and downs “, behavior of the people in the cars

    go to youtube and search for car accidents

  3. Rachi said :

    If two cars hit each other at the right angle going uphill I bet it could possibly fly onto a small building.
    If two cars hit each other, also, the one can lodge above the other or cause the car to flip and land leaning against a pole I suppose. It’s all about the force of collision.

  4. Scott H said :

    The laws of physics.


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