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What do you carry in the car for bad weather?

With the weather taking a turn for the worse the news is advising drivers to take emergancy supplies in our cars.

What’s in your car?

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21 Responses to “What do you carry in the car for bad weather?”

  1. The Drunken Fool said :

    i dont listen to the scare mongers…

  2. CarrieJoe said :

    My momma always told me to have spare blankets. That and flashlights and flares are always good to have.

  3. ywroseoftx said :

    I carry 2 blankets, water, deicer, tool kit, these are in the trunk. I don’t live in an area were we get much snow, if any at all, so no need for snow tires/chains.

  4. Wahid H said :

    i dont listen to any stupid stories and in bad weather caryy mobile phone & call your god for any help

  5. anygirl a said :

    2x blankets
    1x drinking water
    starter pack incase the engine wont start
    some chocolate
    i also have a 5in1 light system
    small spade from army supply shop
    spare petrol so i can keep engine running if i get stuck for heating. and always got me mobile.

  6. samantha said :

    This is a really important thing to me. I just moved to a cold weather state and it seems really foolish to not carry water, blankets or sleeping bags, and some extra warm clothes in the car for anytime you might need them. You can get stranded just going to cut down a Christmas tree…better to be safe than sorry.

  7. Alice said :

    torch, with the batteries, in case you travel for a long period of time and the car brakes down or something, as you can easily be found in the dark or bad fog days.

  8. A E said :

    Good things to have in the trunk of your car:

    1 gallon container of water
    Road flares
    Little first aid kit (you can buy them at Target or Wal-mart)

  9. flipper said :

    bring flashlights, blankets, tents, canned goods, shovel, 2-way radio, extra batteries, bottled water (good for 1 week), extra clothes, first aid kit.

    or better yet, just stay home.

  10. c g said :

    i have a blanket, folding shovel and a big jacket, but they also advise you to take a flask with something warm in it, l really hope they are wrong as l drive for a living.

  11. Carl P said :

    cell phone

    beer and dancing girls

  12. Eddie said :

    Umbrella, raincoat, boots. cellphone (with AM radio for news), charger,extra battery, load and in case of hailstorm…………is there such thing as a metal umbrella?? if there is, bring it! if there’s tornado, bring a plastic bag for you to vomit on. and don’t forget to bring food and water. you bring also fuel, toolbox, first aid kit, spade(in case there is snow or rocks blocking your tires), extra tires, flash lights and if there’s flood bring an inflatable raft, whistle, gun, extra clothes,your loved one, wallet and a flare.

  13. Zoe said :

    Erm, some de-icer and a scraper? I don’t know the weather is usually never that bad, or if there is warnings about it I just don’t bother going out…I stay nice and warm in bed!

  14. Guy U said :

    An umbrella
    A yorkie bar
    a copy of Razzle.

  15. MarkEverest said :

    Wind up lantern (£12.99 on eBay).
    Wind up LED torch with emergency phone charger (£6.99 in Morrisons.
    Blanket (a charity shop one will do).
    Hi Visibility jacket (from my days as a police officer)
    Woolly hat (you lose most heat through your head).
    Wellies with dry socks in a plastic bag inside ready to use.
    Inflatable neck pillow (it might be a long wait).

    In the back I have a plastic box containing:
    5 litres of Tesco water (two would be enough).
    12 volt kettle (was a present, but not expensive).
    Packets of cup soups (they keep for years).
    Tea bags (so do they).
    Individual sachets of milk (thanks Tesco cafes)
    A plastic mug.
    Biscuits (Penguins are best)

    Experience has caused me to keep all of this, I don’t want to be stranded without provisions like those people on the M11 two winters ago.

    Using my experience as a traffic officer I have the following advice for drivers here in the UK:
    ALWAYS keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure and remember to check the spare.
    If the weather is really foul, postpone your journey if you can.
    Keep a full tank of fuel and remember to keep a window partially open to avoid being poisoned if you are at a standstill and running your engine to keep warm (do this in short bursts only).
    If you are stranded STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE and let someone know where you are using your mobile.
    Beware if you are outside your vehicle that you are at risk of being hit by another vehicle in slippery conditions, so make yourself as visible as possible – carry a lit torch even in daylight if it is foggy or snowing and buy a high visibility vest to go over your coat or indeed a high visibility jacket (you can get these from Halfords or any workwear place).

    Stay safe – stay alive. Don’t be a burden on the emergency services by wandering off into the snow.

  16. ADZE said :

    Have more snow in the fridge,but the Mrs will get out
    and do the shovelling and pushing,she cant drive.

  17. page3685 said :

    Best to take a blanket (preferably a silver space blanket), and perhaps a shovel. Mobile phone and a book!

  18. UCANTCME said :

    Jumper cables

    Pliers, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver

    A first-aid kit


    A supply of any regularly needed or taken medications

    Candles and matches

    Sand or kitty litter for climates with snow or ice

    Clean water

    Canned fruit or nuts and a can opener

    Flashlight and extra batteries

  19. sanjaymaz2 said :

    I carry:
    1 blanket
    1 toolkit
    1 car warning triangle
    1 high visibility vest
    Water and soft drinks
    Mobile phone and in car charger

  20. extremelykindguy said :

    a flash light, an adjustable wrench, couple screw drivers are a good idea.

  21. solosam said :

    nothing, I’m an optimist


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