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What kind of car did you buy your teenage child? What cars would you suggest for a teenager? ?

My dad has promised us a car for my 16th birthday. He told me to do some research and find good small cars. What do people think?
We are required to make this car (my brother and i are twins) work through college so he is willing to buy a new car. He hates used cars.

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14 Responses to “What kind of car did you buy your teenage child? What cars would you suggest for a teenager? ?”

  1. sure... said :

    2005 Mercedes CLK500

  2. Glitch said :

    Try the Chevrolet Aveo. Its a good reliable little car that is extremely easy to fix and gets more than awesome gas mileage. It’s not the quickest or flashiest thing on wheels but it gets the job done for under $10,000.

  3. Mrs. Kevin Jonas said :

    For me, I like Jeep Commanders. Black with leather seats. That is my dream car!
    I’m 15 going on 16, and I defn. want a Jeep Commander!!!

    Also, beetle bugs. Luv them, if you get that, get black!! Awesome color!! Or get a black Suzuki. Any car that’s black is awesome. OH!! Get a Hummer!!! Hummers are off the hook!!!

    (Seriously though, get a black car)

  4. nala13br said :

    i want a honda civic. ull most likely get stuck with a used car but its ok. Stick with foreign cars. Our nissan 2000 is still working while my mom’s ford truck she bought 2 yrs ago , it has died like 3 depends on ur dad’s income also and how well u drive for him to trust u with a decent car. Also try something fuel efficient and easy to handle.

  5. mccoyblues said :

    In my opinion the best first car for a teen is a used Honda Civic.

    They are practical, economical, safe and reliable. They hold their value well and you won’t be embarrassed driving it around town.

    The first car I gave my kids was a 10 year old Dodge Intrepid. Big, slow, ugly and cheap.

  6. Chicken Joe said :

    My parents made me buy my own car, but I worked for a summer and saved up enough to get a 1997 Volvo 850 Turbo sedan. Its a reliable, fast, safe, luxury car that gets decent gas mileage and fits my surfboards in it when the seats are folded down. I would recommend one to anyone. Its got 175k miles on it and its still running strong. Plus the leather heated seats are a nice touch. One of the best first cars you can get.

  7. Mark D said :

    Honda Civic/Honda Fit/Chevy Cobalt/Toyota Yaris/Mazda 3

  8. KoTn said :

    You can get a mazda3 or if you want something smaller you can try a honda fit or you want some speed go for the bmw m3

  9. Valet (too smart fo the cops) said :

    get the mazda 2. it’s won best small car of the year. other’s you might consider are the toyota yaris, hyundai gets, honda jazz and the suzuki swift. the rest are so ugly you probably don’t wanna be seen in it. when you get a first car get one with good fuel economy, that way you’ll save your money and as you get used to driving and how you drive will influence what your next car is going to be.

    do not get the civic. the inter looks so crappy and your bro will not wanna be seen driving it.

  10. Kate said :

    Ford Fusion
    Ford Focus
    Honda Civic
    Nissan Altima

  11. dan said :

    the best cars for teens are cars that are cheap to own. are big enough to protect them in accidents and easy to insure. try ford taurus,dodge stratus,chevy malibu, they can usually be had for around $6000 for say a 2005 with 50000 miles check out for some price comparisons

  12. Ruin said :

    Honda Fit S

    Kia Optima

  13. Lynn Miller said :

    Well, new cars break too. Make sure you know of your local repair shops. This is a good one:

    I would get a Toyota of some kind or a Lexus, depending on your budget.

  14. P G said :

    Most reliable, Honda!

    How long it will last, will be up to the both of you!


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