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What type of front car design is the mitsubisi eclipse called?

I really like the design of this car. It is very smooth with rounded edges. I don’t really like coupes ( 2 door cars). I like a sedan where everyone has their own door. I am going to buy a car, but i dont know what type of design this is called.

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2 Responses to “What type of front car design is the mitsubisi eclipse called?”

  1. Mattsmopar said :

    a mitsu eclipse is a sport coupe. enough said

  2. caffeinetripp said :

    Coupes, however, can come in a variety of body styles, it is more of a general term for a 2 door car. The Mitsubishi Eclipse, no matter the generation, is more of a 2 door fast back given the hatch itself is sloped at a more gradual angle. Hatchbacks, such as the Dodge Omni, have a more abrupt angle for the hatch itself.
    In terms of body style, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, 1G, 2G, and 3G at least, is more prevalent to a 60’s and early 70’s Ford Mustang such as the Mach 1.
    All Mitsubishi Eclipses are 2 doors and the 1G through the 3G do not have that much room in the rear for passengers. Basically, the seats in the back are to keep insurance costs down, much like the FC RX-7s rear seats are.


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