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How can I turn a car in to a credit company?

Long story short, my mother financed a car with my now ex-boyfriend. His father has the car now and has not yet paid registration and is generally late on the car payments. Since the guy is no longer my boyfriend, my mother and I are completely fed up with the unreliability and we don’t want the car for ourselves. Basically, what is the easiest way to turn in a car to a credit company with as little hassle as possible? How will it affect the credit of the parties, too, if you may know? Thank you!

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2 Responses to “How can I turn a car in to a credit company?”

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  2. Caveat Emptor said :

    It doesn’t work that way. You can’t return a car to the dealer like returning a sweater that’s the wrong size to a department store. Whomever signed the financing contract is legally liable for the payments, regardless of who split up with who and who physically has the car. Whoever the registered owner is/are can sell the car, but you must pay off the loan balance before the title can be transferred.


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