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My car’s engine makes an unhealthy rattling sound when I accelarate. Any ideas what could be causing it?

My car’s engine make’s an unhealthy rattling/clunking noise when I accelerate( especially in higher gears), go round corners and idle on hills. Any idea what could be causing it, how serious it is and how much it will cost to get it repaired. Cheers!

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12 Responses to “My car’s engine makes an unhealthy rattling sound when I accelarate. Any ideas what could be causing it?”

  1. robert s said :

    change down a couple of gears and keep the revs up, does it still do it?
    If not then you are pinking , nothing to do with your engine, get an automatic or learn to use your gears.

  2. wacky said :

    Sound like Big End Knock or is loose engine mountings how old is your car how many miles has it done could be just wear ad tear,or ready for that great scrapheap in the sky the only way you are going to find out is go see a mechanic

  3. nuttygirl824 said :

    it sounds worse than pinking to me, most people cant even pick out when their car is doing that.
    i would guess at something like a loose engine mounting or even the ball joints going.
    it could be something as simple as the wheels need realigning, or you need new tyres.all these things can produce dodgy rattles!
    either way, get it checked out

  4. Colin M said :

    Noises are virtually impossible to diagnose without hearing it. We could all speculate, but that’s all it could be. Get a mechanic to listen to it.

  5. The mechanic said :

    Sounds like your big end journals are worn out a recon engine is the only cure , not a job for an amateur

  6. Velvet said :

    sounds like tappits, or as above check your engine mountings, do it quick or risk something flying through your bonnet too, or dropping onto the road!

  7. down under said :

    sounds like the ignition is too far advanced. the first thing I’d do is loosen the clamping nut on the distributor and slightly retard the ignition timing and re tighten the clamping nut.

  8. MARY C said :

    Have you checked your oil level and pressure? I had a Wolsley six many years ago which did exactly the same. Going around bends fast made the pressure drop and the rings would start slapping as you accelerated out. Likewise fast acceleration.
    My car died.–I hope I’m wrong

  9. srn02xx said :

    I think this could be due to loose tappets or, worse, your engine knock (detonation) is way too high. If it is the tappets, then it won’t cost more than £50-75 to fix. However, if it is a knock problem, it is way more serious as it could badly damage the cylinder blocks.

  10. LEAPER said :

    could be a top end rattle,usually due to low oil or irregular servicing, it could also have a blocked oil feed pipe starving yr engine of oil,i say get it looked at pronto you could be doing a lot of damage!!

  11. DEBBIE H said :

    it could be a simple case of checking oil levels oil pressure warning lights do not come on until engine is nearly destoyed running a car low on oil will produce these symptoms fill it full of wynns or stp oil treatment and sell it

  12. motor oil said :

    Autozone brand motor oil: is named brand oil just in autozone bottles or just cheap?


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