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What is the most economic car for a daily 120 mile motorway commute?

I’m currently looking to either a) buy a second hand car or b) get a company car to use to commute 60 miles (each way) to work. It is mainly motorway driving and as I have no idea about cars I’d be grateful if you could give me some pointers as to what would be the most economical.

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7 Responses to “What is the most economic car for a daily 120 mile motorway commute?”

  1. boson82 said :

    if your driving over 80 miles a day your better off with a diesel

    avoid saloons and automatics

  2. Vipassana said :

    1980’s Honda Crx.

    50mpg city, 65+ highway.

    You could do the commute in around 2 gallons of gas.

    Can’t beat it.

  3. Mas said :

    Remember if you do get a company car your tax code will be different on your wages, I would go for a small diesel like a VW Golf

  4. Ming said :

    if you can afford it, get a toyota prius. those things are supposed to get upwards of 50 mpg in 2010.

    as an alternate, you can get a motorcycle ninja 250R which will get you 70 mpg. or a ninja 650R, which will give max 45-60 mpg depending on how you ride

  5. the Commissioner said :

    The most economical car is somebody else’s – hitchhike or cadge a lift

  6. BoingWhip said :

    VW Polo Bluemotion diesel – 74.3mpg. Better than a Prius, especially for motorway driving when its electric motor won’t be much use.

    If you’d prefer a bigger car try the old Golf Bluemotion (62.8mpg) as a used buy, or wait for the new one. Though I don’t know how long the new one will be in coming.

  7. L R said :

    Chevy Cavalier, my son has one & they are excellent on gas & at 140000 miles on a 2001 he’s never had any problem with it yet


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