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How long can a car run on a jumped battery?

I need to get home from school this weekend for a wake, but my car’s battery has been dead and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. The ride home is usually about 4 hours. If I jumped the car, do you think I could make it home without the battery dying? I don’t know much about cars, and I don’t want to end up in the Bronx with a dead battery =\ Really need to get home though.

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10 Responses to “How long can a car run on a jumped battery?”

  1. fmbronco7 said :

    change your battery before you go………you probably wont make it if in fact its bad……..

  2. ohmanitspalak said :

    I dont know.

  3. Adam C said :

    You will make it.

    When you jump start the battery, the alternator recharges the battery as the car runs.

    You will need to drive for more than 30 minutes to ensure that the battery is safe from dying out.

    If your car does not start again after the drive you will need to have your alternator checked & replace your car battery.

  4. huzz69 said :

    You MUST determine why the battery died. If you left the lights on and drained the battery, then a jump start will get the engine running and the alternator will recharge the battery to be as good as new. If your alternator is bad, then new batteries will drain and you will be in you original spot asking another question on Y!A. Jumpstart your car and with the engine running, remove the negative (black) battery cable. If the engines dies your alternator is bad.

  5. dr moralez said :

    When you jump the bettery it will stay on however long you keep your car on. The battery is just to start the car then after that the power comes from the alternator.

    So just when you star the car will you have to jump it

  6. Alex S said :

    Before you leave take your battery to a local auto parts store and have them test it if the battery is bad then replace it. If your battery will hold a charge then you should be able to jump it and use it, your alternator should keep the battery charged.If you are worried about the alternator the auto parts store can test that also.

  7. Kevin L said :

    If your battery is dead but not defective, you will have no problem.
    As stated by another responder, the alternator will charge up the battery as you run the engine. If the battery, or alternator for that matter, is defective, the car will die soon after you begin the trip. Look on the dash once the car is started. There is usually a battery indicator somewhere. If this lights up, or shows a low voltage indication that won’t go away after a short while, you better replace the battery before the trip.

  8. Jay P said :

    That depends on the cells inside the battery. If they’re good, you may get a few more years out of the battery. If one or more of the cells is bad, the battery will not hold a charge and you won’t be able to restart the car after you shut it off.

  9. baldie said :

    as long as the alternator and belt is good it should build back up. it also depends on the battery if it don,t have a weak cell or a dead one.

  10. mister ss said :

    To be safe I would get a new battery and have your charging system checked out to make sure the alternator isn’t bad.


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