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How do you get a car radio out of a car?

I’ve just got a new car and I want the CD player out of my old one.
How do I go about getting it out? I always thought it was easy, seen as how it’s pretty common for people to steal them, but it’s difficult as funk! Please help, cos I don’t want to have to pay some jabrone for doing something that is a piece of piss… Thanks!

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12 Responses to “How do you get a car radio out of a car?”

  1. Grinning_ape said :

    What’s a jabrone?

  2. dome_rbc said :

    hammer ‘n chisel

    or try pulling off the outer edge plastic trim around the deck. the trim should come off and expose the screws or tabs holding the deck in.

  3. tony testa said :

    The fittings vary. Go to a car parts shop, (eg Halfords in UK) with the make and model of the radio. They sell the tools, often just a bit of bent wire actually, for very little money.

  4. MISS B.ITCH said :

    Ask any teenager in Liverpool – they seem to have the answer plus they can do it soooo quickly!!

  5. Teresa E said :

    I thought it was difficult too, but today someone stole my CD player out of my car! I was gone less then 30 minutes. Someone broke in my car, stole my radio, stole my kids gameboy, threw all the papers out of my glove department, and got gone in 30 mins. Anyways, I should have set the alarm, but consider we live on the good side of town, I didn’t think anything like that would happen on my busy street.

    The men at Best Buy have some flat metal sticks that they stick up in there and it slides staight out. Then they just unplug all the wires. Good Luck!

  6. Ste G said :

    in the four corners on the radio are grub screws, unscrew them with a small allen key which reveals what looks like 4 holes. Depending on the make of the radio there are a set of prongs which you insert to open the catches which are holding the radio in the dash. Go to halfords to see what removing tool they have, thats what i did and the guy in the shop came out to my car and took it out in 2 seconds with a set he already had for free but if you have to buy them i think there only a few quid

  7. noise.KING said :

    If you are talking about the head unit itself then, yes it is very simple, you do need the correct tools though.
    Have a look at the edges of your machine. You will either see two oblong holes or four round holes (sometimes these are covered by a small piece of trim).
    For the oblong type you need two thin metal blades and for the round holes you need two ‘U’ shaped rods.
    You can buy these tools in most motor factors for next to no money.

    Once you have the correct tools, insert them into the holes in your CD player. They will release the clips holding the unit in its cage and you should be able to slide the whole thing out.
    Dead easy.
    Just remember to make a note of what all the wires do before you disconnect it!

    Good luck

  8. Leton T said :

    hey you need some stereo removing prongs which are dead cheap and make sure you do not rip any wires out whilst removing ok this will make things harder. The stereo is in a metal cage which can be removed too.

  9. Goggie said :

    You’ll need a special tool available at Halfords or car accessory shop. The tool is like a small rod that is pushed into holes at the front of the radio causing spring loaded clips in the housing to be released and allowing the whole unit to be pulled forward.
    (P.S. The thieves don;t bother about not damaging the fascia and so removal is comparatively easy for them.)
    Hope this helps!

  10. andthereyouare said :

    One can’t really give you a good answer cause it depends on what car, year and make it is.

    Check out or

    You can order directions for you particular car.

    The easiest install I did was a 93 Honda Accord… Took 5 minutes literally. But I’ve been installing for 17 years.

    Good luck.

  11. evil_rondy said :

    You never gave a clue as to what your car is. There’s about a zillion different ones and different methods of installation.

    If you go shoving tools into places without knowing, you could damage something.

    On many cars like Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, etc., you have to remove the front dash trim over the radio and unscrew the brackets from the dash, then remove the brackets from the radio. These are called “ISO” mounts.

    It is only with vehicles using DIN mounting that have tools to slide the radio out. Every new radio comes with these tools so you should have been given them. Pioneer and Kenwood are fairly easy and can just use a thin ,narrow (about 1/4″) piece of metal about 3″-4″ long inserted midway on both sides. If, however, you have certain units like older Clarions, you’ll never get them out without the proper tool.

  12. katalog said :

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