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What is the best way to negotiate with car dealers?

I am looking to buy a new car this coming Saturday.

Now it will be on finance but my question is…

What is the best way to get money off either the deposit or monthly payment or both??

Any tips would be appreciated.

P.S It will be with ford.

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to negotiate with car dealers?”

  1. mccoyblues said :

    Get pre-approved at a indenpendent lender. DO NOT use Ford Credit to finance this car.

    If you go to a local community bank or Credit Union and get pre-approved for a loan you will already know how much you can spend and how much your payments will be. Determine how much money you can spend out of your available cash for a down payment.

    At that point all you have to do is negotiate with the dealer to meet your price.

    Dealers make all of their profit on the financing. The facts are a dealer makes less than $100 if you pay cash for a car. If you finance the car through them, they make as much as $3000.

    If you don’t use them you keep the upper hand in all negotiations because they can’t play shell games with the numbers. The only number you are negotiating is the price of the car. Tell them you have $X for a down payment. Tell them you will buy the car, you’ll bring them a check on Monday, if they will sell it to you for $XX. Sit firm and let them come to you. If they won’t, walk out and go down the road. There’s other Ford dealers nearby.

  2. luludoodie said :

    Main thing, don’t buy from Ford dealer!

    2.5 years ago I bought a new Fiesta HIA. List was about (memory not so good….) £13,800 list. I bought from “new car supplier” dealer who buys from a Main Dealer who supplies the big car rental companies. I paid £10.800.

    You don’t get your log book for 6 months as it is “priced” at new rental car purchase price and they can’t be sold for 6 months so Log Book is not supplied until then by Ford.

    All perfectly legal and with full warranty! 2nd car bought from same Warwick shire dealer! If you want the contact details email me!

  3. Patrice Michelle said :

    Remember….check out all the current Rebate programs and deals they have going on…

    There’s a cool website I found that talks about financing either privately OR with the dealer…and to get multiple quotes and being prepared to ‘walk away’ from a deal. Dealers NEVER want you to walk away from a deal….so that is when you’ll get the best deals!

    Check out this website for the tips!


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