What car cd players come with steering wheel control connectors?

I want to buy a new cd player for my car. I want to be able to use my steering wheel controls but don’t know which players come with the connector on the back. How do I know if it has it.

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6 Responses to “What car cd players come with steering wheel control connectors?”

  1. Rick B said:

    If they are stock steering wheel controls then it has little to do with the cd player. You will need to buy a unit that transfers that signal from the controls to your stereo. Then simply make sure the cd player is compatible. Go to your local stereo shop, you will need their help for the install unless you feel very confident in your DC electronic abilities.

  2. stuart.l said:

    some pioneer models come with them

  3. accomacgeo said:

    this feature only works on mostly cars that still have original radio still installed in the vehicle look for a book called crutchfeild they have a lot stereo eqiupment look for it in the back of most car magazines

  4. L205 said:

    Have a look at http://www.incarexpress.co.uk All their model descriptions tell you if you can use with a remote.

    You might need to buy an adaptor depending on the type of car you have.

  5. vulgar_2 said:

    Most aftermarket radios don’t come with aftermarket steering wheel comtrols. However a couple of the companies (like JVC and I thing even Blaupunkt) offer a wireless remote that can be clamped to the steering wheel.

    But, if you have factory steering wheel controls and you want to put in an aftermarket radio and have it work with your steering wheel controls, then you will need to get an aftermarket radio that is wireless remote capable, then pick up a little devise called the SWI-X made by PAC. This is a universal interface that works on about 99% of the cars on the market. Normal retail of the SWI-X is about $100. It can be a pain to install, depending on the car and aftermarket radio, so you might want to pay an install shop to do the install.

  6. marvin e said:

    I agree with vulgar, but I installed mine myself and the hardest part for me was deciding the IR transmitter location the wiring was very basic IMO. On a scale of 1-10 for this install I would say a “4”.


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