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Can I deduct a new car purchase for my business?

My wife and I purchased a new car in 2006. The car is used for both personal use, and for use in my business. Can I deduct anything on my taxes in regards to the purchase of this car? Would I be listing the car as a business asset?

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3 Responses to “Can I deduct a new car purchase for my business?”

  1. Molly said :

    Yes, you can. However, the IRS only allows you to take pieces over time. You’ll need to look into the instructions for depreciation or form 4562.

    Most cars are subject to the luxury auto limits meaning there is a cap as to how much you can deduct as depreciation expense each year. For someone that has never dealt with this before, it can seem very complicated. Now might be a good time to hire a CPA to handle your return. Part of the cost (for the CPA) is also deductible as a business expense!

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