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Is there any difference if i clean my car inside with furniture polish?

We are getting a new car and we have all the “good intentions” of looking after it properly, you know, the way you do with anything new. So we are talking about have wipes in the car to be able to give it a wipe over as and when needed. Is it better to have proper car wipes or is hand wipes ok?
Sesh48…Im baffled as to what is so “weird” about my question?

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15 Responses to “Is there any difference if i clean my car inside with furniture polish?”

  1. XRAYDELTA1 said :

    Get the “proper” wipes. If you get something not made for the material in your car it will ruin the material and it will crack prematurly and ruin your car’s interior..ask your dealer so you dont void the warrenty either

  2. sesh48 said :

    well thats a weird question.. i guess it doesn’t hurt either way although the car wipes do work better cuz they’ve a stronger concetration of the soap or whatever they use to clean cars..

  3. smart E said :

    Avoid usinmg wipes with alcohol content in them as they will (over time) dry out the plastic surfaces in the car’s interior causing it to fade and crack.
    Furniture polish wipes may leave a white residue behind after a couple days since they are primarily wax.

  4. hvmorfun said :

    I’d advise proper wipes as furniture polish doesn’t have the same properties as, for instance, ArmorAll. They’re designed to withstand the intense heat that would occur when parked in sunlight on a regular basis, which your average dining table doesn’t do. I figure the same would apply to baby wipes, which by nature are gentle to skin and probably wouldn’t have silicon in them

  5. ASE master tech said :

    armor-all sells hand wipes that work great on the interior you can choose the level of shine you want also they work great

  6. focus said :

    Using a good furniture polish on the plastic bits is fine, polish it with a bit of cloth afterwards to keep the shine. I have always used ordinary household polish and its never caused and harm to my cars.

  7. Quiet.Buck said :


    The only thing that should be used on a cars interior is a warm wash cloth, a warm wash cloth with lite soap, or approved automotive dressing type products.

    Plastic is plastic to the average joe but there are about 27 different forms of plastic on the whole. To use one cleaner or dressing product on one does not mean it will work on another.

    Interior products for cleaning have chemicals that can easily melt automotive interior plastic. As home chemicals are made to tackle metal, wood, porcelain, etc.

    You want to keep you new car new? Wipe the dash off once a week with a warm wash cloth, wipe the radio, ac controls, door panels, etc. Use a foaming window foam cleaner and do the inside windows (liquids like Windex can actually spot dot stain the interior plastics). Then vacuum the interior. Exterior wash it weekly and wax it monthly.

    Do these simple items and you will never need a detail shop, you car will look as new as possible for as long as you own it, and if you trade it in some day, you’ll get top dollar.

  8. Kelly R said :

    I see no reason why a multicleaner wipe won’t work vs. the vinyl wipes they sell for cars which also tend to dry out faster and cost more. In your title you use the word “furniture” wipe. Those are generally for wood so they would not be good and would leave a greasy/oily residue. I’d steer clear of anything for furniture.

  9. Retired said :

    “proper wipes” use chemicals that will not harm the vinyl, Other chemicals may, you need to read the labels. I’d spend my money in the auto department.

  10. Barbarian said :

    It works for me and saves all those extra costs

  11. phil said :

    use wipes they are better.

  12. lescurd said :

    It all depends on what you are using to wipe out your car , mothers makes a very good auto cleaner which has a very pleasant smell and it works well , I have also used lemon scented pledge to clean the interior of my gravel truck for the last 12 years and my dash has not dried out and still looks new

  13. vivien o said :

    use proper wipes for cars. do not use funiture polish.

  14. cerrigllwydon said :


  15. eidos said :

    Why don’t you use recommended products


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