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Can you help me with my car cassette adaptor thingy?

I’ve got a cassette adaptor thing that I can put into my car stereo to plug my iPod/CD player in with, but in my car it only plays on the right hand speakers. I’ve tried adjusting the Balance, that didn’t help. I’ve also tried it with a different cassette adaptor and a normal music casette, and both didn’t give any answers. Could it be that my car stereo isn’t compatible with the cassette adaptor or does anyone know how I can get it to work on both the left & right speakers?

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9 Responses to “Can you help me with my car cassette adaptor thingy?”

  1. SARA H said:

    I woudlnt know where to start honey, perhaps take it to an audio centre and they might have a look at it for you. x

  2. j1mmylb said:

    get yourself an i-trip instead…much better

  3. Ebenezer said:

    It could be the plug connection between your iPod/CD player, and the adapter. Is it pushed in all the way? Try fiddling with it, or cleaning it.

  4. RUSS B said:

    Try a tape cleaner first. after that, if youv’e just bought the adaptor, take it back as it may be faulty. if playing a normal cassette tape produces sound from all speaker then the adaptor is definately faulty. Compatibility doesn’t come into it, a cassette adaptor should play in a cassette player, they’re all the same.

  5. steve y said:

    Try the adaptor in another car, if it works then the problem is with your car stereo. If it doesn’t, try the adaptor with someone else’s Ipod in your car, if this works then the problem is with your IPod. If it doesn’t then the adaptor is probably faulty and you’ll need a new one.

  6. Gabe T said:

    you have an I pod but not a Cd player? ghetto rig. what your problem is your running it in a mono channel or its only comming from one side if your still going to be ghetto get the FM modulator and plug that into your I POD and tune your stereo to the specified fm channel forget the tape deck altogether or go and buy yourself a CD player cassette decks are so 80,s

  7. skyhigh007a said:

    take your crappy casette radio thingy-majigy out and burn it!

  8. StingRay said:

    Make sure that the headphone jack is fully inserted into the ipod, it’s an easy mistake to make.

  9. TT said:

    Your right! some cassette adaptors have trouble reproducing “stereo” sound just through the tape head. (thats in your stereo)

    The cassette has to line up exactly with the tape head, if not the sound will only be produced through “mono” sound (which is as you desrcribed as one speaker) if this is the case try another adaptor, if this does not work then you might have to ditch the stereo and buy one with ipod compatibility. alternatively buy a FM transmittor! which works off your radio signals and most are now wireless and start at about £30!

    Hope it helps


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