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How do I go about selling my car if it is registered with personalised plates?

I was given personalised plates for my car for a birthday present.
I have registered them to my vehicle, and sorted out tax, mot etc, but wondering what to do when I want to sell my car (which I’m looking at doing in the next year or so)? Do I have to re-register the old plates? Or what do I do?
Should have also added that I will be keeping the plates to put on new car.

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5 Responses to “How do I go about selling my car if it is registered with personalised plates?”

  1. Bryan said :

    the plates go with you. you don’t sell a car with the plates, the new owner has to buy their own plates.

  2. Fellside13 said :

    It will depend where you get your ‘new’ car from.

    If you get the car from a dealer, they can arrange the transfer of the plates and deal with all the paperwork.

    If you sell your present car privately you will have to go to DVLA and have the car re-registered before you sell it, (It will usually get the same number it had previously but this is not guaranteed as that number could have been reissued by DVLA during the time that you didn’t own it).

    You will then get a ‘Retention Certificate’ for your plates and when you buy another car you reverse the action.

    Cost wise, it is more expensive to go down the ‘Retention’ route but will only be £80 (at today’s prices) to get a dealer to do it as it’s a straight swap.

  3. J P said :

    wrong you can pay a reteon fee to keep personal plate and orginal plates go with car

  4. Ken D said :

    If you want to keep the plates you will need a retention certificate form the DVLA or local tax registration office if you have one, if you have the original registration they will be resigned to your vehicle, you can now keep your personal plates ready to put on your new vehicle.

  5. lionheart said :

    the guys above have already told you how to get it done, but i advise that you sort your plates out before you put it up for sale instead of waiting around for paperwork while your in the process of selling you car.


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