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What car seat did you buy after your baby out grew the infant one?

My son weighs 19 lbs and I’m realizing that I’m going to have to buy a new car seat. Is the weight limit usually 25 on the infant car seats? Which one did you buy?

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10 Responses to “What car seat did you buy after your baby out grew the infant one?”

  1. SenSou said :

    I bought a convertible car seat..actually two. That way my son can stay in the same carseat until he is at least 50 lbs. They are both forward facing and rear facing, but my son is still rearfacing at 18 months because that’s the safest!

  2. Baby WHO is due Christmas Eve! said :

    I have the orbit infant system and they have a toddler car seat that works with the base and stroller I already have so i’m going to get that one.

  3. RaShawn O said :

    It goes infant car seat to toddler car seat to booster seat

  4. kinleyryan said :

    the limit is 20 lbs. Evenflo triumph is great!

  5. Noah's Mommy & Marine Wife. said :

    You’ll need to check the weight limits for your infant carrier. Some are only 20 lbs, some are 25. Noah’s was 22 lbs. Just look up the one you have and check the weight and height requirements.

    We have the Evenflo Titan Elite convertible car seat now.

  6. Nyc said :

    my daughter is 19 lbs too. most infant carseats only go to 22 lbs. it should say on the side or base, if not look in the instruction manual. I bought my daughter the evenflo symphony and she loves it! its a little more expensive but it goes all the way up too a booster seat.

  7. Jeffrey's Mom said :

    Well my sons infant car seat goes up to 22lbs. But he is growing to out grow it before he gets to 22lbs I think. My husband and I have already been looking. Closer around tax time we are going to get him one if he doesn’t need it sooner. I like some of the evenflo triumph advanced ones or the evenflo titan elite. Everyone says to get a britax which they are good car seats and highly rated. But I also heard that every car seat has to go through the same tests. I like the evenflo ones bc they are SIP tested and go up to 50 lbs with the 5 point harness and have higher height measurements. Just make sure any car seat you get fits in your car properly and safely for you length and weight of your child. I would do lots of research and shop around. I haven’t totally decided on what one we are getting just yet.

  8. LeAnn said :

    The weight limit on my car seat is 30 lbs. When he moves on to the next stage I’ll probably get an Alpha Omega.

  9. Bird Flippin' said :

    Evenflo Triumph

  10. Karma is coming! said :

    I have a britax marathon convertible car seat its is 5-65 lbs and up to 35lbs RF. But shes rear-facing till shes 3!

    I love my britax car seat though, its like the cadillac of car seats!!


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