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What is a steering wheel cover ?

One of the upgrades you can do on your car to improve the looks and grip is changing the steering wheel cover. Before, steering wheel covers were specifically designed for race cars, but nowadays, almost every car can be bought new steering wheel covers. These covers come in almost every colors and designs.

Steering wheel covers development evolved because of the grip enhancement it provides to the steering wheel in a car made for racing. Originally, steering wheel covers are made of plastic rims and over time, modifications were made replacing plastic with sturdy and more comfortable leather cushion, enhancing the car’s grip. Most drivers believed that the only benefit you can get from a steering wheel cover is the car’s look, not knowing the dramatic enhancement it can provide on the steering wheel grip.

When racecar driving became a globally popular sport, it became an in-demand car accessory mostly by car aficionados. Leather was the first choice for steering wheel cover’s main component, but as ingenuity reigns, steering wheel covers can now satisfy every driver’s need. Some steering wheel covers were made to protect the driver from a steering wheel that turns hot from sitting too long in the sun. Soon, steering wheel covers come in fur, though it makes it harder to grip the steering wheel, it gives an elegant look and distinct style on the car.

After the leather and fur variations were introduced, steering wheel cover manufacturers started launching covers made from solid materials such as chrome and wood. When chrome or wood are the materials for steering wheel cover, it is snapped over the wheel as a huge ring. Steering wheel covers can also go with favorite sports teams, music preference, movie scenes, and favorite colors. There are many designs, with everything from gothic to floral, and of course, there are steering wheel covers that illustrate favorite racecar drivers.

If you consider getting a steering wheel cover for your car, make sure that it will never hinder the operation of your car’s air bag. Ask the manufacturer about details of safety and use should you opt for a steering wheel cover. Always check with your maker or owner’s manual to find out more about safety requirements if you want to add steering wheel cover.

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