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How can I adjust a steering wheel ?

Learning the basics in driving is very important, especially if you are a new driver. One of the most vital components in safe driving is steering. You need to make some adjustments on your steering wheel before you start to steer. To adjust the steering wheel of your car properly, follow these simple steps.

First, get in the driver’s seat and position your left foot on the pad located in front of the seat, left side of the floor. Then, make some adjustments on your seat until you are comfortable and so as the resting on the pad. Adjust you steering wheel, you will know that you made the right adjustments when you are able to see over the steering wheel without stretching upwards or leaning forward.

Now, think of the steering wheel as a clock, position your hands on the steering wheel with your left at nine o’clock and your left hand at three o’clock. Now, turn the steering wheel with push and pull method. Use one hand to pull and the other to push depending on the direction you want to turn to. And adjust you hands if needed.

Forget about expert drivers who tell you to position your hands at ten and twelve o’clock for it is no longer advised. This method will only block the air bag of your car when it deploys. Avoid adjusting your car seat where it is too close in the steering wheel and keep in mind to be at least ten inches away from your steering wheel. This method is the best way to avoid more injuries on possible accidents. Always use hand-over-hand method for steering maneuvers like three-point turns and parallel parking.

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