How can I prolong the life of my tyres ?

A good set of tires can make your car’s handling better and maintain a good grip on the ground. If you have misalignments on your tires, you may want to have it checked to avoid damages that are more serious. Proper maintenance of your car’s wheel alignment will extend your tire’s life. Misaligned wheels can cause hard driving, wear and tear, as well as increase the risks of accidents.

Most of the time, misalignments happens in the front tires. You may find it hard to steer if you have a misaligned wheel. You will know that you have misalignment by trying to steer from outside the car, being able to move the car’s wheel from the outside of an open window indicate that your car has minor misalignments. If you feel that your car’s wheel is having some trouble or your tires are getting old, you can remove the air from it to get the best view of wear and tear.

The first kind of misalignment is the camber, this makes your wheel tilted inwards or outwards seen on the front of the car. It is normal for a car wheel to have just a small amount of camber, but if you have a major case of camber, you can fix it by having a knock-kneed or a bow-legged to look at them.

Toe-in is another kind of misalignment, which is also normal in cars if it is in a small amount. A toe-in is the degrees of the car wheel facing each other. A toe-in has a pigeon-toe look when you are facing in front of the car. It is very normal to have a wheel in this position. In this case, the wheel is not forced too far out if you are at a very high speed. Toe-out is the exact opposite of toe-in, which no tires should have. A toe-out will greatly affect the steering of the car. Remember to have the right amount of air in your tire because over or under inflation can cause your tire to wear and tear quickly.

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