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What are seat covers ?

There is a wide range of seat covers to choose from for your car, depending on your budget and taste. In addition, you can get a certain kind of seat cover for your desired purpose. Generally, seat covers have three categories. First, those designed for protection and stability, those designed to cover worn out and damaged seats and those that enhance the style or simply to change the existing seats.

When an owner spends a lot of money for a car, protecting their car seats will most likely be involuntary. After all, the seat takes a lot of wear and tear, so they should be well-protected and preserved as much as possible. In addition, if an older car is purchased, owners have their seats replaced to feel the comfort of a new car. Finally, there are car owners who have their seat cover changed just to put some style on their car.

Perhaps the most expensive and probably the best seat covers are those made for a specific car model. Seat covers that are custom-fit feels and looks like it is an original part of the car and installed by the factory. The best thing about custom-fit seat covers is that it will not get in the way of your seat controls and seat belts.

A universal seat cover fits all seats on any make or model of a car. It is less expensive and can easily be installed. Universal seat cover is usually made of stretch material just to be stretched out in any car seats. However, car manufacturers warned not to use universal seat covers on cars with side-impact airbags.

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