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Will my car be covered by the warranty for pothole damage?

I drove over a pretty bad pothole the other day and am worried that I have damaged my car, like the wheel alignment etc. I was wondering if it is damaged, would the car garage repair it under my warranty, the car is only 3 months old.

Thanks for all the answers guys, guess I’ll just wait and see how it drives for a few weeks!

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11 Responses to “Will my car be covered by the warranty for pothole damage?”

  1. EZ said :


  2. hanYu said :

    Your Highness, damage due to negligence of handling is not covered. But you may seek redress from Lord HanYu.

  3. Timbo is here said :

    No they will not as it is not down to faulty workmanship or materials and thus is not covered by any form of guarantee. it would be no more covered by the warranty than it would be if you bumped into a wall.
    You need to go to somewhere like Kwik Fit and get the tracking checked if the car is pulling to one side or the steering wheel is off centre when the wheels are straight ahead. they will also be able to check for other damage caused by the pothole if you ask nicely.

  4. MegatronForPresident said :

    It depends on tow things: depends on what is damaged, and it depends on the type of warranty.

    If it just needs an alignment, then that would be considered routine maintenance (maintenance that you should have done regularly, whether it is damaged or not), so they would not cover that.

    If something else is damaged that is NOT because of regular wear-and-tear, then they might consider it. The only problem is that most dealers have to check out the car first in order to diagnose what’s wrong, and if it ends up being something that is not covered by the warranty, then not only will you have to pay to get it fixed, but you’ll also have to pay them for checking it out.

    Just be prepared for the worst (having to pay for everything) but hope for the best.

    Good luck!

  5. kelly_f_1999 said :

    no it covers parts that fail not parts you damage

    alignment never covered neither is tires or brakes oil changes maintenance

    warranty covers parts that fail cause by maker not owner insurance might but even then unlikely

  6. Ian said :

    No, you have to claim off the council. One their biggest budgets is for this type of claim.
    Do NOT go to Kwik-Fit at all.

  7. mark k said :

    No and you can’t push your car over a cliff and get a new one either that’s not part of the warranty.

  8. J R said :

    get estimate for damage, if any,and take a copy with a photo of the pot hole to the council offices and tell them you hold them responsible and make a fuss,it worked for a freind of mine.

  9. bty49855220 said :

    No i am afraid not put a claim in to the council and good luck.

  10. who_is_jack_shit said :

    Not at all, the warranty doesn’t cover the driver not spotting pot holes.

  11. The original Peter G said :

    With the state of the roads nowadays you could claim that any damage was because the car wasn’t suitable for use. . You might also be able to claim from the local authority, provided you can show that they knew about the pot hole. There is a database of reported problems at


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