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What are wheel locks ?

If you want to keep your car from thieves, you can try using wheel locks. These are lug nuts especially design to prevent chrome wheels and rims from being stolen. Wheel locks are also able to prevent the stealing of spare tires. With the same purpose as the lug nuts, wheel locks fasten a wheel of a motor vehicle from tire protection, it also comes in various design, custom-made to fit almost every rim of different cars. Most installations require the use of four wheel locks, one for each wheel, while the rest of the tire’s lug nuts can be of the usual type.

Normally, lug nuts can be removed and loosened using a regular lug wrench to change a tire, access the breaks, rotate tires, and perform other acts of car protection. However, there are some carowners who have customized rims to improve the look and enhance the elegance of their cars. Due to the high cost in acquiring these kinds of upgrades, most carowners don’t just use ordinary lug nuts that create high risk for their custom to be stolen. These are the reasons and where the development of wheel locks came from. Wheel locks cannot be opened by using a regular lug wrench; a specialized key is required in installing and removing it from the car giving it more protection from theft.

For most carowners, aluminum alloy or chrome rims gives them so much pride, as well as improving the car’s worth. With these modifications in a car, proper security installation is extremely important, especially in town areas with high rates of theft. Even if the law enforcement can track down if something from a car was stolen, these upgrades don’t have any serial numbers or identification that can make it recoverable. Car owners can reduce the possibility of theft by acquiring their wheel locks legally and in authorized dealers.

Most wheel lock developers brag about the uniquely keyed wheel locks that can reduce the risks of theft from having similar set of keys. Most wheel lock manufacturers provides only a single set of keys, it is best to have another set or have it duplicated so owners can remove it if needed, especially if you will be traveling long distance or bringing the car in the shop for maintenance or repair. It’s an excellent idea to have a set of keys to the wheel locks in the glove box or in some other suitable place so that if a tire needs to be removed or changed, the job can be completed easily.

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