What are wheel chocks ?

Wheel chocks are lightweight wedges used in keeping the wheels of stationary vehicles from rolling or shifting away. Wheel chocks are usually used by sliding them beneath the wheels of cars, boats, mobile homes, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles. These wedges are particular beneficial when parking, loading or unloading items and during car checkups.

Due to its small size, wheel chocks are very portable and can be used and removed easily. Usually made of heavy plastic, wheel chocks come in bright orange or yellow to make them more visible. Some wheel chocks are textured with rubber to ensure it would stick to the tires and pavement, so even large trucks can keep in place with high-friction chocks. If you want to pull the chocks easily from the wheels, you should choose chocks outfitted with nylon cord.

Wheel chocks can be very beneficial; it could be used when you’re under the car, loading groceries or attaching a boat, giving you assurance that the vehicle won’t move. Some vehicles that are parked in steep hills require wheel chocks to add security if emergency brakes fail.

Aside from the standard wheel chocks, others are designed to cater to vehicles with doubles wheels. These wheel chocks, which are usually made of aluminum or steel, are placed in between the tires. If you want to make your customized wheel chocks, you can make on by cutting 2x4s diagonally, creating the wedge and then cover all surfaces with sandpaper to add friction.

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