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What environmentally friendly car will be most beneficial?

Hey, I’m writing a paper on the most beneficial environmentally friendly car. There are so many types of cars being made (water powered, fuel efficient, alternative fuel, electric power) that I don’t know which one is most beneficial over the others. I was wondering if anyone knows about what type of car the world is favoring for the future?

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6 Responses to “What environmentally friendly car will be most beneficial?”

  1. Sapphire Grace said :

    The Hybrid! Definatley! 🙂

  2. Joe said :

    a pennyracer

  3. Richard R said :

    I’ll take a VW running on biodiesel over a hybrid anyday.

  4. William W said :

    Electric cars recharged by nuclear fusion power plants.

  5. e40 said :

    Yes VW biodiesel is a great vehicle. Cant wait to see they hydrogen cars.

  6. nameofmyprolfile said :

    Try this source:


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