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What kind of car is good for the environment and lasts long?

I’m also looking for the car to be fuel efficiant, but I heard that some cars don’t even require gas. My big question is: Is there a great car out there that is long-lasting, fuel efficiant/or doesn’t use fuel (gas),looks fair, and is good for the environment? If so, you know any sites I can visit for information or photos? A cheaper price is a plus!

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5 Responses to “What kind of car is good for the environment and lasts long?”

  1. CARS said :

    The only non-gas car is the Tesla from Tesla Motors ~ 100K soon,

    Adt’l –

    This is most definetly abosotlutly positively the only car that doesn’t use gas that you can drive on the street, and the answer is what I made out of your confusing question. I don’t know why people gave me a 🙁

  2. keep on truckin said :

    Good luck you arent going to find a fuel efficient long lasting car cheap especially if you dont want to rely on gas.

    The toyota prius is a hybrid good on gas but spendy and you can find out about those at

    Honda makes a hybrid civic but they are also spendy and you can view those at

  3. Joe 64 said :

    Ford makes a nuclear powered one, that you don’t have to refuel for 20 years but it cost about $100,000

  4. chuckbchillin said :

    You are probably thinking of biodiesel. The problem with biodiesel is that if we all switched to biodiesel, it would require lots of forests to be cut down, thus increasing carbon output, not to mention the energy that goes into biodiesel production. It would take over 100 years or maybe 200 years to offset these increases in emissions. Your best bet is a hybrid vehicle.

  5. Ian F said :

    There is no such thing as a car that is good for the environment. There is only less bad.

    The least bad for the environment would be the most fuel efficient post-smog USED car you can buy. If you buy a new car you are directly contributing to the energy-intensive process of building a new car. If you buy a used car, you’re only indirectly doing that. You’re also increasing the value of used cars, which incentivizes keeping them on the road.

    If you live somewhere that you have to pass smog, this isn’t a bad thing…particularly if you make sure your car doesn’t only BARELY pass.

    The only place to look for cars online, IMO, is Craigslist.


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