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What was your most expensive car repair??

I would like to know from other users what was their most expensive car repair till date?? Please mention seperately if it was paid by insurance and not from your pocket. But I would be more intrested in knowing about those who paid from their own pocket.
Im just curious enough because my mechanic gave me a big estimate, so I want to make myself comfortable by figuring out that its just not me but many have gone through this.

By the way can you tell me how much it would be labour + parts if I need to replace a Master cylinder for my 1998 ford escort lx, 4dr, rear drums w/o abs.

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9 Responses to “What was your most expensive car repair??”

  1. ceprn said :

    I had an “out of warantee” overheating problem on my 540 – that plus it’s checkup cost me 4600.00

  2. BICCA said :

    450 bucks

  3. rustskipper said :

    It seems every time I take a car to the shop it is $500.00. My most expensive was on an old Jaguar and I wanted special components. $1800.

    A brake job can run from $300 to $500.

  4. drumrb0y said :

    Replaced fried cylinder head and full valve job on a 1995 Ford minivan; $1400 – out of pocket.

    Your brake job should run less than $500 total, but your results may vary on wherever you live.

  5. wil_t52 said :


  6. flybaby said :

    A/C system (evaporator core) on my 1997 Chrysler LHS … several times to the dealer before problem was diagnosed correctly= $$$$$ But the actual repair was just over $1000.
    Then, the other repairs started ……

  7. Silverstang said :

    Most expensive for me was having it repaired by a collision place. Like up to $3000 for doing a stupid reverse run and trying to spin the front around, but smacked it hard into the wall. DUh me.

    Besides, replacing your master cylinder is probalby about $300, parts and labor. Master cylinders are cheap enough, and is more work to replace and bleed the brakes then the part itself. Any more questiosn, just shoot me an email 🙂

  8. Horndog68U said :

    My biggest repair bill was about 850 dollars. I made a deal with a dealership and brought my own used transmission ($350) and had it installed ( $400 labor plus $100 to change filter and fluid.) No parts warranty, and the damn thing failed again after a year and a half. My gear indicator was never set on the truck (bought it that way) so I was probably running in second gear for quite some time until I set it. By then a few 90 to 100 mph runs did the job.

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