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How to start riding a motorbike?

I’m 17 year old full time student and I’m looking to get a motorbike.

How would I go about getting my CBT and tests etc?

Also where would be the best place in London to get this done?

Thanks in advance!
By the way! I ride pushbikes alot like evryday and on weekends, build them too.

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5 Responses to “How to start riding a motorbike?”

  1. Matt said :

    I’m not sure of where anything is in London. I live in the states but I can tell you where to go to get some info on race leathers

  2. ianhad said :

    First, learn to ride a push bike. Then do a search for motorbike driving schools.

  3. matty5150 said :

    check out the motorcycle news (MCN) website. Loads of info here re the law on license and schools etc

    Good luck!

  4. snowdonhorseshoe said :

    First get some decent kit spend as much as you can afford on the protective equipment helmet, jacket, trousers, gloves and waterproofs. Search google to find your local test centre for the CBT including hire of their bike will be around £115. You could speak to a few local dealers about decent training centers there are probably around 5 in london. Before doing your test read through the highway code and possibly get some practice in on some private land if you already have your bike or know somebody willing to lend you one. Age 17 you can ride any 50 or 125cc bike limited to 15bhp. If you want a simple commuter bike I would recommend the Yamaha YBR 125 as these are very reliable 4-strokes and look quite nice though I am sure you are looking at more an RS125 2-stroke.

  5. Mojo said :


    It depends where in London you are. I did my CBT with Metropolis in Vauxhall. They were doing a £99 deal (it was a couple of years ago) all inclusive of bike hire, insurance and the loan of helmet, gloves and waterproofs (thankfully not needed!).I also have a mate who is an instructor at the Bikewize training school in North Cheam. Also my brother and I did our big big training (Direct Access or DAS) with Southern Rider Training.

    There are plenty of places to go – approximate cost to do the CBT looks to be around £110 but you may get it cheaper.

    The first link at the bottom shows a load of different training schools in London.

    The theory test only needs to be taken when you want to throw the L plates away and be able to ride a bigger bike. Then you have to do further training and being only 17 you’ll be restricted to a power output of 33bhp for 2 years – then you’re license will should become unrestricted. More information on the second link.

    I hope that all helps – good luck and ride safe!


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