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Is it legal to listen to an ipod while riding a motorbike in the uk?

Is it legal to listen to an ipod while riding a motorbike in the uk? My mate told me this and I was wondering if it’s true as I listen to one regularly while out riding. Thanks!

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8 Responses to “Is it legal to listen to an ipod while riding a motorbike in the uk?”

  1. eastlondon02 said :

    Well i dont think it is a ilegal, but how the police is gonna when the hearphones are under your helmet, but i wouldnt recommend it tho because you might get distracted

  2. dancingdog777 said :

    No, you must listen out for other vehicles as well as watch. Listening to an Ipod or any other in your ears radio may prevent you from hearing a horn or an emergency vehicle.

  3. Kickstart Shovel said :

    OH GOD, NO!!!!

    Have you ever seen “Midnight Express”? They’ll throw your ass in prison and throw away the key!

    You’d be better off murdering someone!

    Just kidding……What’s the worst that could happen? If you get pulled over, deny you knew anything about it and tell them you won’t do it again

  4. Tim D said :

    It is legal, although if you were to change tracks or fiddle with the volume on the move you could be charged with riding without due care and attention or even dangerous driving, in the case of being unable to hear an emergency service’s siren too. It also restricts one of your senses and for me one of the joys of riding is listening to the engine/airbox noise.

  5. scooterboy said :

    actually it is illegal, it comes under driving with no due care and attention. the attention bit is where you will get knicked. basically if your in an accident and you have a mp3 playing your pretty much screwed. my advice have a stereo fitted to the bike it is not that difficult.

  6. shuggiemac said :

    it is not illegal. You can buy something like the excellent Starcom system ( who make a great product that allows you to hook the ipod and all sorts of other things up to play through speakers you place inside your crash helmet.

  7. Harv S said :

    It is legal as it should be. If the dicks in cars can have megawatt stereos that they adjust on the move you can have an mp3 player which is causing no more of a distraction. If you’re worried about not hearing sirens etc, don’t be because I find they are usually accompanied by flashing blue lights which you would spot anyway because you’ll be doing extra checks to make sure nobody knows you’re listening to ABBA or Boyzone lol.

  8. darkfetish said :

    I have been wondering about this too, with regards to not hearing sirens/ horns etc… Are deaf people not allowed to ride motorbikes then? Though fiddling with the ipod could be VERY dangerous on the move, surly listening to a set track-list would be ok?


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