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What do you think who riding 125 cc american motorbike?

I just got a British motorbike license and I started to looking for motorbike.
I wanted to get 250cc or 400cc, but I couldn’t find any model wich is I like in those size.
Also I tried to ride 600cc, but it was too heavy and high to me that gonna be dangerous.
Therefore I thinking to get 125cc.
Do you think still is it cool to have even 125 cc motorbike (american)?

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4 Responses to “What do you think who riding 125 cc american motorbike?”

  1. Is_this_real-m/28 said :

    I had a suzuki 125 and it was the funnest dirtbike i have ever ridden. It was fast enough too. It was old, but still fast. Actually, I am not sure if there is a bike made in america that is 125 ccs. I could be wrong, though. Tank makes a 250cc crotch rocket (sports bike) and my sister who is 5’4″ tall can ride it. The only american motorcycles I can think of don’t make 125 cc bikes, Harley Davidson/Buell, and Indian

  2. Philip P said :

    you were looking for the grass tracker
    the CCM is light and small like an american flat tracker
    and as before the Van Van 125 is a californian sand bike..
    When you say american do you mean cruiser?
    if so look at AJS & Hyosung also the Virago 250
    All three are 250cc twins custom/ cruisers in the UK and all cheap
    Older bikes like the Honda CM200T or the CM250T
    Kawasaki LT 450 or EN 400 500 are all available and all lower centre of gravity than sports bikes.
    Also Don’t be scared to look at the triumph bonnie range of bikes
    theycan be restricted to 33 bhp to suit your license for two years
    Good luck

  3. Kane said :

    There is no such thing as an “American-made 125cc” motorcycle. The smallest American made motorcycle engine (in current production) is the Buell 500cc found on the Blast. Current American manufacturers refuse to acknowlewge that small engine motorcycle market even exsist.

  4. ratinabag said :

    yes any motorcycle is cooler than a car ! or defiantly freezing compered to public transport ok. so a 125 maybe a bit slow but leave early and enjoy the ride, as for lists of bikes and “war stories” about bikes owned B/##IT its up to you.. but AJS 250 eos is worth a look if your into cruisers, ive got the 125 for work arrive in style lol take care


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