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Is there a courier service that will take a small motorbike from Sheffield to London for me?

And how much will it cost? There is a motorbike I am looking at on ebay but the person says he will not transport it. I need a way of getting it from Sheffield to London. I can’t ride it down either because I have yet to take my CBT test.

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4 Responses to “Is there a courier service that will take a small motorbike from Sheffield to London for me?”

  1. jimmy_hills_chin said :

    cost a couple of hundred at least
    look in yellow pages for couriers in your area

  2. Twisted_Ace said :

    Personally, I think you are about to make a mistake.

    If you haven’t ridden it, you don’t what it’s like.
    If you haven’t seen it, you don’t know what it’s like.

    You could win the auction, pay big money to get it sent to you, then find it’s a total shed. Then what do you do? It will be a costly mistake.

    My advice is check out something closer to home, that you can actually look at and hear running before you splash your cash (you’re in London – there are dozens of bike dealers in London!)

  3. Tim D said :

    Probably less expensive to hire a van, borrow some scaffolding planks to push the bike up into the van, and some ratcheted tie downs or ropes. That way you can look over the bike, make sure that it matches the description and that the paperwork matches the numbers, check it starts without clouds of smoke (unless it is a two-stroke, if it does walk away).

  4. GW said :

    tell you what i did, i rang all the house removal companies in the area and asked if any of them were hrading to my destination, then asked how much to put my bike on. I paid £35 to have my bike transported from London to York on someone elses load, I drove the car up and collected the bike from their depot the following day.
    cheap and easy,


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